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That was nothing on how I'm feeling now. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! Thinking about taping 24 and just going to bed.

Last night went to a friend's birthday party which was lots of fun. Little bit of drinking and lots of dancing, and didn't get to bed til after 3am :) Of course, I can't sleep in past 9am, so didn't end up getting much sleep. Another nothing day. ie, got nothing done. Except for washing the sheets and towels. yay. And a lot of reading and looking up photos and reviews for my new camera. Definitely decided to go ahead with the Sony DSC F828.

I also watched last week's Blue Heelers, which they televised live. I've never actually watched an episode of Blue Heelers before, but thought this would be interesting watching. They had a making-of special beforehand, which was fascinating. The show itself looks like it went off without too many mistakes.. certainly none that I noticed anyway. It didn't have quite the same "live" feel to it watching it from video tape, I would like to have watched it live, but I was out. Oh well. It's on the tape after The Godfather part II, which I'll have to keep until I ever get around to seeing part I, so I may watch the episode again one day.

Dazed look

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The problem with working on Saturdays is that there's no distractions, so work is very "concentrated". That is, I could probably do more on a Saturday than about three days normally. Well actually, I'm also under a lot more pressure because usually there's some sort of outage involved, and you can't afford to waste any time. It does leave you feeling incredibly drained though. Worked all day, dinner at the parents', met Fabian finally, then home to continue working on stuff I didn't finish this arvo. Still trying to work out the idiosynchrasies of w2k3/iis6, which I'd never even seen until a week ago, and hoping it's secure enough.

Now I can barely keep my eyes open, but still have to hang out the washing. blah.

Pieces and Bits

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The Friday Five seems to be on permanent holiday. I think they've had about one new one in the past six weeks. Surely it can't be that hard to post five questions, especially when people send them to you!

I got my Jason fix at lunch in the oddest of places today - in the children's section of a book store. They had a photo story book of Peter Pan. I was sorely tempted to buy it, it was only $10, but most of the photos are on the internet anyway. Maybe next week.

Dropped into the new Bunnings up the road this arvo with Luc. We spent the better part of an hour wandering around the place. It's massive! About four times the size of the old one. They even had fairy floss (I haven't had fresh fairy floss in years!), clowns, musicians, face painting, and fireworks (although I only heard those from the comfort of my home, I didn't stick around to watch them). Luc left with a trolley full of stuff, I left covered in sugar :)

Finally decided, after malicious code was released for MS04-011, that I shouldn't wait til tomorrow to patch the last remaining NT4 server. So I'm sitting here waiting for people to stop working, and they *won't*. It's Friday night people! Go home!! In the end I just waited until there was a minimum of five minutes idle time all round, and rebooted anyway.

And in other news. The Moreton Bay Fig tree has had its execution date set. Next Thursday. Going to take the opportunity this weekend to finish photographing it, and collecting as many seeds as possible in the hopes of growing some. Although not quite sure what I'll do with them if they grow.. what does one do with Moreton Bay Fig tree seedlings?

After ghosting the new webserver so I could go back to it as necessary, I installed Cold Fusion MX 6.1. Clean install. I didn't install RDS straight away because I wanted to go look up the password. So this left me with the exact same problem I had when I did it at home - an IO error when looking up the datasources. Turns out this error is linked to RDS. Sigh. Then I find the instructions to reenable RDS aren't even correct. (well my web.xml file doesn't have the exact line they mention). More sighing. I think I managed to reenable it. It still doesn't actually let me browse for files, but it doesn't give me the error.

So then I tried to find some sample code, which I put into a cfm file, and astoudingly enough, it actually worked!!! The little script looked up the datasource and returned each entry of the database. I couldn't believe it. Looks like we'll be able to go ahead with our migration after all.

28 days

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.. which is a frighteningly short time, considering how much I have to do in that time :/ Gonna be a decent amount of panicking in the next few weeks methinks.

Had Pete's 30th birthday party last night, which was cool. Didn't know as many people there as I thought I might have, so ended up just talking to James most of the night.

Spent all afternoon and half the night clearing video tapes - ER and Braveheart; and the other half reading Goblet of Fire. The cool thing is, Luc has just finished Chamber of Secrets and wants to borrow Prizoner of Azkaban. Cool because I never even got around to trying to make him read them - he started reading them himself! heh

Took most of the day to get one thing done today. Blah. Finally got it done, which let me clear the desk to setup our new web server. The old one was out of warranty which was good enough reason to buy a new one. I love my job hehe. I now have a week to set everything up, install everything, and plan the migration from the old one. I can't remember how long it took last time we did a migration (actually that was an upgrade over nt4), but I'm sure it took more than a week of planning and doing. yikes.

Gamera got hammered again today by a ddos on the sportsbetting site. The customer has been asked to leave.

Got home, won lego set 6807 which I've been after for months, watched Armageddon all the way through, then 9pm comes round and Campbell calls up and we decide to head out to Evilhouse for a video night. We're watching "American Splendor". It's a bit strange, rather slow, but funny in a few odd places.

It's friday! yayy

Well I got my Jason fix at lunch today - Armageddon having arrived in the mail. A lovely job he does of holding the model meteor, but not much else, hehe.

We went out to Sizzler for dinner for James' birthday tonight. I, as usual, overate, as one tends to do at all-you-can-eat places. I don't get good value out of "all-you-can-eat" restaurants, because I don't eat much to start with. My little stomach can only hold so much. oh well.

The angels laid yet another bunch of eggs today (they laid another batch last week also). But I really think one of them is eating the eggs. Need to figure out some way of separating them.

Also my poor little Olympus C-900 zoom camera is dying. I've been planning to get a new camera anyway, but now it beeps whenever I take out the memory card, and it's chewing through batteries at a ridiculous rate. I've taken to leaving the batteries out of the camera when I'm not using it so they don't get eaten up so quickly. I'm going to have to get it serviced, but I wonder what the turnaround time is.. remind me to ask Olympus sometime soon

Another late night, and still no washing done. Not much likelyhood of it happening tomorrow either. Might do the washing tonight and hang it out in the morning.

It's Friday!

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No really, it is! I don't have to go to work tomorrow, so today felt like Friday for me :)

Watched Labyrinth with George tonight cause it was on Optus. This version had the few seconds of Hoggle urinating in the pond cut out of it. Silly really :)

urf I'm tired.

Just read all my blog links, and still no motivation. Must be time to end this :)

Sucky day

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I don't know whether it was the rain, or the argument with my boss over batteries of all things, but I was in a grumpy mood all day. Sucky work day not getting much done; having to explain to the cia staff list why cold fusion doesn't work; and fighting with notes, which I haven't done all year, and probably for good reason. A bright spot was collecting a batch of lego from the post office, will now have plenty of grey spares for my space lego :) But then I descended back into darkness setting up cold fusion on a server at home. Of course it didn't work (I didn't actually expect it to), but with a different error than gamera. I'm sure I'll get a lovely chance tomorrow to face vic in person and tell him what a piece of crap cold fusion is. Either that or get fired. Waiting for that day to happen. One day soon.

Greek Line Dancing

It was my cousin's son's christening tonight, which was followed by a very Greek dinner function. It brought back quite a few memories from my childhood. My uncle married a Greek lady and so all the christenings of my cousins and other such functions were held in Greek Orthodox church, with lots of chanting and insense. Followed by big parties with lots of people, lots of food, and lots of line dancing. Tonight, for a new generation, was no exception.

It was a lot of fun, although the music got very loud towards the end of the night. It really kills opportunities for conversation.

I also noticed for the first time tonight that my aunty's brother (on the right in the pic, aunty is on the left, cousin in the middle) is kinda cute, for an old guy (he's bald which helps :) ). He was fully getting into the dancing, was pretty cool :)


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I'm starting to crash. Getting to bed late, then not being able to get to sleep, then waking up early is all taking its toll. Not to mention being so "high" for the past two weeks, I'm sure I've screwed up my serotonin cycle somehow. Should eat some bananas.

I got well and truly April Fooled today. Triple M spent a very elaborate morning detailing how Sydney was going to host the swimming events for the Olympics because Athens simply hadn't got its act together. They had Australian swimming icon Laurie Lawrence on air talking about it, and even the premier Bob Carr was saying how wonderful it was going to be for Sydney. Then I got to work, and my boss had been listening also and we were talking about how cool it would be. I actually went and looked at the Sydney Morning Herald website for more details, but there was nothing there, I assumed this was because it was still breaking news. It wasn't until late this afternoon when I checked the website again and there was nothing there that it suddenly dawned on me that maybe I'd been fooled. I was comforted by the fact that Jim had been fooled also :) On the way home I heard a recap of the morning's events, and apparently half the announcers had been fooled also, it was only when one of the Olympic swimmers rang up and explained that it was a hoax that they got it. I had missed that part unfortunately!

I also had a very weird feeling of jealousy this afternoon reading JI fan pages. There are women out there who are far bigger fans than me, and have been fans for much longer. I feel like I've been missing out on something all these years.

Not at all hungry. Had a huge lunch. Very sleepie. Going to read Chamber of Secrets some more, watch ER and go to bed methinks.

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