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Happy Days

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Another unusually happy day. I wish I could be this happy all the time. Need to cram in all the practise I can.

Even dealt well with a talk I had with my boss. There'd been some talk of a promotion, but with the structured pay system we have it was too hard to justify. Everyone else in our unit is in the same position. My boss was really nice about it though and we're looking at other ways I can get a little more cash.

Read a third of The Chamber of Secrets tonight. The first three books take no effort (or time) at all to read. I probably could have even finished it tonight if I haven't spent half the evening reading webpages on my other favourite subject :)


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I've been clicking lego all night making a new mosaic. Waiting for some dark grey pieces from Germany though before I'll be able to finish it.

Also need to calm the road rage. Even though I've been in a remarkably good mood for the past week or so, there's still a couple of places where people *always* do stoopid things or try and push in on the roads that continue to piss me off. They're pet peeves of mine, but must remember "it'll only cost a few *seconds* in the grand scheme of things". Must think big picture. Calm blue oceans (a Lui-ism).

Waking up in the light this morning was wonderful! Looking forward to it again tomorrow.

We had a video night at John's place tonight. Well actually nobody else turned up so it was just John and I, but that was ok, meant we a whole lounge each to stretch out on. It was unreal; we watched the Lion King and it was just like being at the movies. Plus he has the whole 5.1 surround sound thing happening. Maybe in a few years I'll "invest" in a data projector also.

Hrm after all that there's no Friday Five to do.

I think the betta I have in the bowl is sick. He's not swimming around like he normally does. Very sad :( Wonder if he'll still be alive in the morning...


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Last two days at work have been utterly demoralising. Spending hours fighting to make things work. Made one thing work in the end, still have issues with another. Video nights here and there got stuffed around. The work one was abandoned after three tech support people couldn't make sound work on a dvd player. The Evil House one ended up happening after all at Campbell's place, which was quite enjoyable after such a draining week.

Couldn't be bothered doing the Friday Five questions.. and it's Saturday anyway

Weekend that is.

Spent a decent chunk of Saturday afternoon stressing over a couple of emails I sent to some people at cia and a problem with one of the websites on gamera. I was absolutely flabbergasted at the "support", or rather lack thereof given by one of the support guys. Some dude had sent an irate email cause noone had responded to the last one and he'd be stuffed around for months with an account setup. The support guy's response was "have you got a statement that you've paid?" I have to say that if I'd sent that irate email and gotten that response I'd be utterly furious. Anyway I called him on it, but I should probably have counted to 10 before sending it, as it ended up going to the staff list, and I'm a bit worried about the implications of it when everyone else reads it tomorrow. I'm not even supposed to be doing support mail, let alone telling the staff there how to do their jobs. Anyway. The other thing was I stopped a website cause it was killing the server, but noone called the owner, so he was a bit grumpy when he realised his site was down. So I spent ages wondering if I could have handled the two incidents any better.

We had another episode of "Cafe Church" today which was pretty cool. Got to sit around tables and have fruits and cheese and cakes while discussing Romans.

The only other thing I managed to achieve this weekend was to combine two half working computers to get one complete working computer. I've been putting off this task all year because I feared it would be "too hard". Well I was right. Ram problems, floppy drive problems, network card problems. It took *hours*. But at least now I have a system that I can do some testing of Cold Fusion MX. I'm sure I've ranted about Cold Fusion before, but if I haven't, ***don't use it!!!!!*** It's the crappiest software I've ever had to work with. Version 4.5 worked, but every time I did an upgrade after that there were problems. When we installed the Cold Fusion MX 6.1 updater, it completely broke access database connections, and hasn't worked since. I emailed their support but they said it was not within the realm of their free support. We called them and they quoted $500 per "incident". It's crap and Macromedia is a crap company.

Hrm how did that degenerate into a rant? :)

Watching The Sound of Music now.. will go to bed when it's done. Was kept up half the night by power outages at the exchange which kept my pager buzzing in overtime.

Any suggestions?

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Can't really think of interesting to write, or even rant about. Many thousands of lego bricks all counted. Now I just need boards to make mosaics on. Work sucked today. Just because piles of crap kept getting dumped on me. Nothing too drastic, but it just kept coming all at once. If the distribution of crap had been spread out all day I would have been able to deal with it, but I'd just hang up from one phone call and the phone would ring again straight away. There's nothing worse than a constantly ringing phone when you're trying to get work done.

Oops, there goes a rant.. :)

/me looks around for me little brother... he hasn't posted in a while.. wonder if he's still reading this or has given up :)

Gave up waiting

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Tree in building 2004

Got sick of waiting for "friends" to go swimming with (don't even get me started on that rant) so after a day of 35C heat I decided to go by myself. It was absolutely delicious. Even managed to get all my hair up out of the way so it didn't get all sticky.

My "position" at cia is looking ever more shaky. They're looking for a person to take over the nt admin role, which would take away most of my reason for being :(

I happened to get stuck in the bus lane on Fitzroy St today, and there also happened to be an easy parking spot, so I made a split second decision to stop and take another photo of the desperate tree. Normally there are no parking spots there, and even if there are I'm usually in the wrong lane to stop. So anyway. It really hasn't grown at all in two years..

Think I'm going to leave Rove early and go to bed.


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In the five minutes it took me to walk home from church today I got completely drenched. Actually it was more from the bow waves of cars passing by splashing gutter water all over me. But you get that I suppose.

Unfortunately the rain only drenched our area and not the dams :( Not a good thing.

Spent a good chunk of the afternoon counting lego bricks. Sad I know. But I won a baseboard on ebay last night so I can start making small scale mosaics in a week or so while I wait for the boards Dennis got me (thanks Dennis!! :) )

First of the month fizzling tonight which was lovely; now watching the end of Moulin Rouge. I think this is the first time I've watched it with ads! :)

Went to a "Microsoft Security Summit" today. A freebie day put on by microsoft to say "yes we really are making our products more secure". Anyway. It wasn't all bad, and got a few useful ideas.

Forcing myself to go get ready for bed now. I will not play internet puzzles - here and here. I had better luck with game 1 (16 out of 26 so far) than game 2 (only 8 out of 26 so far).


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Where did the last 24 hours go? I think I lost them somewhere.
If anyone finds them can they get them back to me?

Two of the blogs I read are down tonight.

Completely lacking inspiration (even the oscars won't keep my attention much longer after 24), I think I'll just go to bed.

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