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Or in this case, have dinner, go home, go to bed. Stoopid problem at work kept us late and in the end we didn't even solve it. Sux when that happens. At least if you can make something work after a couple of hours it's not so bad because you know you've achieved something. But as it was, the change we made had to be rolled back because the two servers in question wouldn't talk to each other anymore. blah.

At least I made one thing work today - got active directory to force out connections to our sus server.

I was thinking of doing a tech support sub-blog at one stage. I'd put up any of the errors/problems that I came across on a given day, and I what I did to solve them. I'm sure hits would go through the roof (I used to get quite a few referrals on "an error in updating your system has occurred"). The only problem is, I'd have to revisit work at home, and that really wouldn't be a lot of fun. Maybe one day I'll get off my butt and do it.


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Can't really think of anything meaningful to say
sorry :)

Spent all of tonight on Photosig and Sony DSC-F828 review sites, watching tv and basically not getting anything done. I did get the washing done so I suppose that is a good thing.

Gonna sleep in tomorrow .. for at least as long as the garbage trucks let me.

We 0wNz J00!!

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A week ago Jim mailed the staff list and said "we're setting the domain password policy to expire passwords next week, change your password this week to avoid being forced to do it next week when you login on Monday." Of course, a decent chunk of people completely ignored him, and this morning had all sorts of weird and wonderful issues trying to log onto their computers. Sometimes it wouldn't accept old passwords, sometimes the new passwords just wouldn't work, sometimes people weren't even logging onto the domain, so couldn't change their passwords, they just lost access to domain resources. Now if these lusers had just taken the time to read Jim's email they could have avoided the chaos that ensued today. We were all running around like crazy just to get people logged onto their computers. But you can never tell these sorts of people. *sigh*

The upshot of all of this is that we now have forced everyone to change their crappy passwords that they've had for years and no amount of asking/pleading was going to get some people to change them. With the move to active directory and a new security policy being developed centrally, it was a good a time as any to start tightening things up a bit globally. Now these people have no excuses, because everyone else had to the same day also.

This day in history

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1970 - my parents got married
1980 - Crossfire was born
2004 - I turned 30.5

Had another frustrating day *doing* stuff but not getting anything *done*. Even though I've thrown out a couple of piles of stuff, I feel like all I've managed to achieve is to rearrange everything a bit.

I found a bunch of cool stuff today while sorting everything out - like Jim's masters thesis, brought home among a big pile of recyclable one-sided paper; lots of clippings and articles on my obsessions of the late eighties - David Bowie, 1927, Batman among the highlights; countless song lyrics I wrote out longhand, or typed up myself as typing practise when I was learning to type in second year uni (before the internet took off in a big way and song lyrics were a mere google click away). In those days the only way to get song lyrics and find info on popstars was in magazines such as "Smash Hits". Now I don't even bother to collect printed matter - partly because I'm not as obsessive as I once was ;) and partly because everything is just so easy to get to on the internet. It's probably also the reason I don't collect browser bookmarks anymore either. Except for the sites I visit regularly it's quicker to do a new search than it is to find a link in a big bookmark file.

I'm just watching the "director's cut" of Gladiator on channel 10. It's definitely censored somewhat, with some of the more gruesome shots cut short, but it also has a few extra scenes that aren't in the dvd version (unless I've missed them buried in the special features somewhere). .. ah yes, they're buried on disc 2 of the dvd.

Like a Yo-Yo

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Going to have to type quickly and save often for this entry. I don't know how much longer I'll have electricity for. Even before a thunderstorm came through, the power to our suburb has been up and down tonight, for up to an hour and a half at a time. I think my fish are all ok, which is a good thing. Had a few of the neighbours round to have a look at the fish after the power came back up the last time, they were suitably impressed :)

It's amazing how reliant I am on electricity, and how much I take it for granted. Without it tonight I seriously had *nothing* to do. Without my computer and at least a room light, I was just sitting here wondering what I could do. I ended up sorting out a bunch of rubbish that needed to be chucked, took it out to the bins, wandered around the block to see how far the outage was away, and came back to end up chatting with neighbours in the corridor. I didn't even have dinner tonight.. oops

Well I got into work early when it was still dark enough to need headlights, disconnected my landline, and ploughed through a huge pile of work. Today was an infinitely better day than yesterday. It's amazing how much work you can do when you're not interrupted every five minutes!

Anyways, posting this before we lose power again.

Shoulda stood in bed

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I shoulda stood in bed today. I was contemplating taking the day off, but decided I had too much work to do. So I went in, but I really should have stayed home, as I didn't achieve a single thing, except to frustrate myself over microsoft. For example, how the f@#% do you do a dump of all the users in all the groups in AD? Dumpsec used to do it nicely in NT4 but doesn't seem to work in AD. That and other questions remained unanswered because while there may be a wealth of information out there on AD, sifting through it to find specific answers has overwhelmed me.

I did, however, find this little gem here:

"Group Policies can be used to define which programs are to be installed on which computers. This can be done by department, with web development getting Photoshop and Flash, sales getting Outlook and Excel, and technical support getting Quake."

Almost made my day worthwhile ... nahhhhh

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