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Not coping

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Too little sleep. Not coping. Everything pissing me off. Too much to do. Never gonna get to bed. At least tomorrow is Friday. Although that doesn't help because I still have a tonne of crap to do and I'm just going to be tired and so I'll have no hope of getting it done.



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After getting to bed rather late last night, then not being able to get to sleep, I have been very sleepie all day.

I am also now the happy owner of two tubs of lego. Very exciting. :) Now just need to get some baseboards and I can start mosaicing :) Although of course I should first clean up the study, throw out clutter, build a dev cold fusion server, work on the cia call stats db and do some piano practise.... or just go to bed :)

oh yeah, and it looks like I'll be able to start using again soon.. google appear to have removed the entry.

ok I have not heard that song in 13 years. In fact I didn't even remember it existed until just now, as I was cleaning out a drawer, and found the lyrics that my brother had written out for me :)

So I've rearranged my study yet again to fit in the filing cabinet. But in the process I decided not to put things back into the shelves/drawers unless I had a good reason for keeping them. All was going well until I got to all the letters I'd gotten from penpals, and then to a collection of "letters" that Jacqui and Chris and I used to write to each other on the outlines in church. I only read bits of a few of them, but they had all sorts of miscellaneous crap on them, including talk about boyfriends and people I might ask to the year 12 formal. I know I should just throw them out, but just think of all the memories I wouldn't be able to dredge up if I did that.. hehe

I also dug out my music books from when I had keyboard lessons in primary school, and worked pretty much all the way through it in a couple of hours! Then got totally frustrated because the chord keys listed were different to another book I have, so I have no idea which is correct. Must ask Sami.

After spending far far too many hours at Eric Harshbarger's site in the past few days, I've decided to close that browser window and not go back to it for a while - it's entirely too addictive :)

Then something reminded me to check the server room temperature, which has been slightly elevated all day due to the air conditioning in the building being out. The temperature had gone up 10C since late this afternoon! argh. The air conditioner we have in that room must have carked it around then. Spent half an hour shutting down servers and talking to Jim about it. Have shut down all but the most critical ones, although the NT4 machines don't actually turn off the hardware when you shut them down remotely :( Fortunately we don't have many of them left.

Tomorrow looks like it will be fun.. not!

Grumpy day

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Owing to a chronic shortage of sleep, today was a grumply day. Fortunately there weren't too many disasters around the builidng from people not being able to login .. just a couple of minorish ones and one mystery one that we still haven't figured out.

Anyways, I'm off to bed to try and catch up.

A very long weekend

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Superman logo lego mosaic

It's hard to believe I started our active directory upgrade just a day and a half ago. It feels like about a week ago.

The upgrade went ok, although it could have been better. We had some wierd issues with dns that I didn't get in my test domain, so ended up having to put dns on the server we were upgrading rather than leaving it on the member server, and then move it across later. And DHCP stopped working when we upgraded the member server it was on, because it turns out you need to authorise dhcp servers in the domain. I didn't have dhcp setup in the test domain, because that would have just confused matters at the time. But at least that was an easy fix. We only had to go back to earlier ghosts once in the day, and managed to work our way around the other problems.

After work, went over to Chris' where a BBQ for his ex flat-mate's girlfriend was in full swing. Had some wine and relaxed for a few hours before getting home very late.

This morning in church, I burst into tears when someone killed a huntsman spider that was wandering around during the break. Sad I know to get that upset over a spider. I don't even *like* spiders.

This afternoon I wasted time drooling over lego and reading Eric Harshbarger's site some more. Didn't get any of the cleaning done that I needed to. Then George picked me up and we took the kids to the fair and went on plenty of rides. Well, they did, George and I mostly just watched. Although I did get lots of goes on the big slippery dip taking Rachel down, and got to drive a dodgem car. Haven't done that in years.

Then Sunday night dinner got moved to Luc and Lizzi's. Was feeling grumpy though, and I'm not sure why. I always seem to get grumpy when I go to their place for dinner.

Finally, almost time for bed. Just need to wash my hair and my lunch plate. blah.

btw, the Superman logo above is my first ever lego mosaic. I built it from sight off the logo on the DVD, so it's not exactly to scale. But I think it turned out fairly well. It's whet (sp?) my appetite for making more mosaics .. but need a *lot* of bricks if I'm going to do it properly!


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Watched dvds literally all day today. This is what you do when you have access to someone else's collection for a limited time :) That and building more bridges. I would have finished it, except I went out: went over to Striker's, where we watched The Matrix Reloaded, but I almost died of heatstroke, there is just no air there, so I came home after just the one video.

sleeepie time

well you can, but you'd probably end up with a hangover :)

Today was another hot and sticky day, with minimal use on my puta because it would have just melted the fishies. As a consequence I got almost nothing done. Although I did tidy the flat almost to the point of respectfullness, and even did the vaccuuming!

Then a lovely night out with good wine and company. *smiles*

Last night was also fun; Pete (who I went to America with a few years ago) organised a night out with a bunch of people, which was great. James was completely in his element (a self-confessed people hater like me), and it was good to see him come to life for a change.

Now it's 9:35 and I just feel like sleeeeeping .. :)


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QVB Tree

If I had one word to describe today (and yesterday for that matter), it would be "sticky".

Hot + Humid = Sticky

The pic is of the star at the top of the 3-storey Christmas Tree inside the Queen Victoria Building. Isn't it purty? Snapped it coming back from dinner - Kin Hoong was in town for the weekend and invited a bunch of old friends out for dinner. Tonight's outing had him, me, Nicola and Paul, and we went to The Little Snail in Darling Harbour, which was lovely, but definitely on the pricey side. $50/head for dinner is a little silly in my opinion.

I also got a new fish today - another betta. He's gorgeous, and I'll take some photos tomorrow. I inherited a big bowl when I got the last tank, and needed to put *something* in it :) I'm a bit worried about it getting cold in winter though. How do people heat their betta tanks in winter? I wonder.


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Had a very nothing day today. Had absolutely no energy at all to get anything done. It could have been that I only got five hours sleep last night; it could have been the 100% humidity (at least that's what it felt like). At any rate, I didn't get a lot done, and it was too hot to even have my monitor on in this room, so left it off for big chunks of the day and read Firestarter and cleaned the flat.

Last night I went over to Luc and Cynthia's with a bunch of their friends and family and we watched both sets of fireworks from their balcony and Minority Report in between. Much beer and merriment to be had.

Thanks to everyone who left messages on my blog, and happy new year to you all too :)

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