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Had a Christmas party today with a bunch of people that I haven't been together with in probably at least 3 years. It was this core of people that mostly used to live locally and go to the same church. Since then it's diverged somewhat, and 10 (!) offspring have been added. The reason I haven't seen several of them much in the past few years was because of something that happened when I was going through some pretty deep depression a few years ago, and two of them rejected me at the time and made me feel even lower, if that were possible. As I've said in previous entries, I have trouble with forgiveness. But I decided I would at least try, and so went along to this Christmas party, which is the first time I've been in the same place with the two of them since that time. So it was all good, I was civil, and even friendly, and basically relaxed (and a beer or two certainly didn't hurt either). Then towards the end of the party one of the girls says to me "I'd like to compliment you - you are happy and friendly blah blah blah". To which I said, well what are you comparing it to, we haven't seen each other more than twice in three years. And she's going well yes you're more happy. Ok so everything I've been trying to forget all comes back to me, and it's like, well if I wasn't happy in your presence before, it was *because* of you and the hurt you caused me. But of course I couldn't say any of that cause I'm too chicken. So I ended up grumpy and pensive after all. *sigh* I should definately have said something.

The night finished off with some of the boys playing xbox, which I was invited to play, but I had absolutely no idea about the game so gave up and left; and then to top off the night the flipping eway toll tag thingie didn't bleep cause the sticky tape died in the heat today and it fell off and I just had the thing on the dashboard. So now I have to chase that up on Monday. Just what I really didn't need.


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Somehow I managed to get myself invited to dinner and so much fizzling involved. Even passed by a random breath test on the way home (I wasn't driving of course) but we didn't get stopped; but it still would have been cool to get tested to see what my blood alcohol was.

Spent another day at James' moving bricks. Was a lot more pleasant after the sun went behind the house and the temperature became bearable.

Now watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - the best in the trilogy. Although I was just looking on IMDB and see that they're doing a fourth Indiana Jones movie!

A day in the life of Kazza the Blank One:

8am: nuke customer mail that's over quota. Clear a gig or two of disk space off an almost full disk drive.

9am: book David Bowie tickets. Pretty crappy seats unfortunately, but what can you do. I've been waiting 13 years for this.

11am: head over to James and George's and help demolish a brick staircase/play chauffeur/chuck bricks off the ute into the tip with three minutes before closing time to get them all off

5pm: go to Guy and Sami's flat warming. Managed to not freak out at "scary" person being there. Still didn't really talk to her at all, but at least could make eye contact with her once or twice. After a barbie the girls played games while the boys watched the footy. Decided Rapidoh is not my thing, especially when up against Lizzi, but Pictionary is still my specialty.

11pm: get home and check email. Find someone is willing to "give a generous offer" for this domain - Not for sale buddy :) (and it's actually illegal to sell .au domain names anyway)

12am: sleeeeeeeeeeep

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