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Double oops

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Again is far too late to even think about blogging.
/me goes off to collapse into bed.


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It's late.
Been making one of these after getting home from George's for dinner.

And to again prove that people have way too much time on their hands:

Go 28.8!

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I'm using a 28.8k modem at home for the first time in over a year. Thanks to cia's decision to ditch Request and go back to Tel$tra. Also feeling very vulnerable with my puta exposed directly to the internet instead of behing my nice little firewall router. Oh well. Good thing I patched last night.

Survived my first day of my "new attitude". So far so good. Gonna need a lot of help though methinks.

Unleash the dopamine

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Although probably not enough tonight. Which may or may not have been a good thing. Probably a good thing. The potential for crashing is far too high. Especially when *he* is there and it gets rubbed in all the more how much he likes other people more than you. Oh the horrible feelings that went through me tonight. It sucks big time.

Gonna have to wait it out for a bit here before I go home. Don't wanna get arrested or anything silly.


/me goes off to watch a dvd for a bit.

Or in this case, watch someone else do all the fiddly bits, and just make the appropriate grunts here and there and hey presto, two laptops talk to each other via wireless. Pretty peeved about missing Survivor though, will have to watch the tape tomorrow night.

Looking somewhat more likely that I'll get to see Mt Rushmore next year.. but still depends on *lots* of things falling together right. Can't let myself get too excited yet.

day 2..

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Day 2 somewhat better than day 1 .. maybe just because I was so busy I didn't have too much time to feel grumpy. I guess that's a good thing.

Wondering if I'll ever be able to catch the siamensis to move it into the other tank. That is, without emptying the entire tank and removing all the plants to get to it. That's how Fee does it. She also gave me lots of new plants last night. I've kinda lost count of the number of different species I have now.

Day 1

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Day 1 in my new office has passed. It was a bit grumbly, but my boss was nice enough to start using icq again, which was rather sweet of him.

Spent half the day trying to get used to my new desk, which is fully ergonomic and you can adjust the whole desktop to different heights. Trying to figure out the best combination of table and chair heights.

Man I'm so tired. Although I think most of that is that my eyes are so tired from wearing contacts all day and later into the night than I normally would. Can't wait to collapse into bed and just close my eyes..


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Usually zzz in the subject means alcohol affecting the brain, as is the case tonight after the "first of the month" got moved a week.

Feeling very sleepie.

Got part way through the leftovers of last weekend's todo list this weekend, so at least that's a start. Tomorrow have the joys of a new office to get used to.



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My todo list is still out of control.

Not helped by a blackout in Glebe during UPS maintance at the exchange, meaning all cia's servers crashed in a heap, and chasing people to make sure gamera was rebooted and all it's services were working. This was after a day and a half battle with a $#!%load of "bounced" spam sending the mail server's queue through the roof. Campbell and Daniel have spent two days fighting with it trying to keep it under control so that mail can be processed for customers. It's basically been one disaster after another, and Campbell is understandably, totally over it.

Then, after shopping, went to my parent's place for me little brother's birthday dinner. Had a couple of fun games of 500 afterwards - including one game, where the first call of the game was to Dad and he called Open Misere. He won it, and so I won a game without even playing a card. In fact the game was declared won on the second round of play, when it was decided that noone would be able to beat him. Funny stuff. David was declared the loser of the night after losing the three games he played.

Moving Day

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Well today was moving day. Spent a good portion of the day cleaning up the office and chucking out old crap, including cases and power supplies, isa network cards, isa sound cards, vesa video cards, even a vesa scsi card.

Now I do enjoy cleaning up, but as the afternoon wore on I got grumpier and grumpier about having to move out. Played a game of cribbage with Jim before finally moving my computer after 7pm. It was kinda funny, I took my bag with my when I moved my computer - it's like wherever my computer is, that's my home.

The only real good thing about this move is that I'll get to share an office with my best friend, who starts back with us on Monday. Which actually might be a good thing or a bad thing, as we've shared an office before and it has the potential for causing tension. Hopefully it will be a good thing though.

Work memories

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In preparation for tomorrow's office move, I was cleaning out my desk/drawers of crap so I could file stuff I hadn't filed in months. I started with a filing cabinet drawer that had been accumulating stuff since 1997. Plenty of memories were dredged up about the various projects I've done over the years, server info, schools support, project work, network diagrams, web design, etc etc. Had a lot of fun giggling over some of the earlier work I did and had completely forgotten about, like a complete audit I did of the computers in a couple of the units we support. Not too many of those computers would even exist anymore.

We've chucked out a lot of old computers, mostly pentiums, but the odd PII as well. We dumped a whole stack of dead stuff outside our door in the hopes that someone would steal it. Noone has.

So I guess I'm not *completely* hopeless - as in my last post on the topic of throwing things out where I just couldn't do it - I actually chucked out a pretty decent percentage of the stuff I had in that drawer.

Still not looking forward to moving tomorrow though :(


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Very late in fact.

Have to move offices this week, not really looking forward to it :/

A mission begins

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Spent a chunk of today figuring out our next server rearrange and a move to AD from NT4. Sound like fun?

Also watched Harry Potter at George's and now it's very late, so time for bed.

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