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Thoroughly sucky day today. I don't even want to go there. Hoping to sleep the rest of it off and have something better tomorrow.

Another stinker

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Another ridiculously (for this time of year) warm afternoon today. It's still 27C !

Bit of a nothing day otherwise. Did up some plans for our next server/rack rearrange, but the afternoon was mostly a writeoff cause I was feeling sick and miserable.

And I'm sick of the frigging insects in this place. Even when there's no food around, they still won't leave alone >:(

I need to get out more

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Went for a lovely drive yesterday, half way up the Putty Road to a bush doof. It was such a pretty drive up round Wilberforce and the Colo River. I really should do more driving - except that it's so darned expensive :(

I don't quite know how I made it home alive though - I was so tired coming back - the closest I've *ever* come to falling asleep at the wheel.

Today was church and catching up on sleep. I still feel like crap from this cold though. Think I'll just go crash.

happily zzzzz

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Two weeks ago I was almost suicidal because the other guys at work had had a wine/cheese night without me.. and tonight .. I'm pleasantly surprised and very pleasantly drunk because Ross told me a night in advance they were having one tonight (thanks Ross *hugs* and *massages*). Thanks also to Robert for giving me a lift home *huggles*. Am currently very buzzed, and it's only 8:15.

What a way to forget about a cold.


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Feeling somewhat better today after getting to bed at 8:15 last night. Spent the morning figuring out which machines left in the building were still unpatched (they're pretty much all done now), and the afternoon rearranging our racks with little bits of paper cutouts on graph paper. Silly stuff like that is always fun. What's not fun is trying to make proprietary hardware fit into proprietary racks. Note that they both happen to be the same company, yet their older style mounting kits don't work in their newer style racks. Thanks Dell.

1st Rule of Tech Support
Is it plugged in?

2nd Rule of Tech Support
Is it turned on?

3rd Rule of Tech Support
Have you rebooted?

Those rules seriously cover 90% of all tech support problems.
The broken floppy from yesterday was indeed related to the first rule of tech support - is it plugged in? As suspected, it wasn't, and plugging it back in fixed it.

80% of the way through repatching the network. Good thing it's a lot quicker this time.

Spent this afternoon feeling totally whacked - I'm coming down with a cold or flu or something. About to go to bed actually. Must not chuck, must not chuck ..

Nothing much

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It's late.


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Had a better day than I thought I would. Even after spending too much time this morning dwelling on the stuff from Friday that made me not want to go back in the first place. Somehow I survived anyway.

cia support is a bit of a disaster. I must have spent well over an hour on the support mail and still didn't make a dent in it. After spending too much time on it I put on The Little Mermaid just for fun.

Mental Health Day

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I really should take these things more often. I slept in, I tidied up my flat, I went shopping, I bought another computer desk and just generally relaxed. Also decided I need to eat more chocolate, supposedly it's good for brain chemistry. I could really use another day off, I still have a stack of things to do here. Oh well, only 4 more days til the weekend :)

Day of firsts

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Picked my first lock today. It was a very old lock though, so perhaps it wasn't that sophisticated. It was still pretty impressive though. I tried another couple of locks but had more trouble with those. Wonder if you can buy lock picking kits on the net.

Put my first items up for sale on ebay today. Just a couple of sets of lego I acquired when I bought a bulk load a while back. One of them even has a bid on it already!

Considering taking a mental health day on Monday. I *really really* don't want to go back to work. I could also use the time at home to finish cleaning this place up.

Duracell Bunny

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John called me a Duracell bunny today. This was after he and Sally and Jim had all piked after an hour of ice skating and I decided to keep going :) I ended up staying til around 8:30 (I had the ice to myself from 8pm, and I think the guys working there were wishing I'd leave so they could :) ), then went back to work to reboot a server.

After not getting to bed til quite late last night, I'm very sleepie now, so definitely think it's time for bed!

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