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15.. fzzzz

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more fizzing involved tonight
party at cia to celebrate/commemorate 20000 enetica domains, carl leaving, end of ar vweb, end of financial year, enetica first birthday etc
much alcohol and food was involved.... all good.. :)
/me flitters off to check ebay and go to bed

I think I'm just going to go crash

Bexley House

Trekked out to Strictly Aquariums today to get another light for the big fish tank. They didn't have the "purple" lights to fit my tank, but they had some "marine blue" ones. It'll be interesting to see how the plants grow under this light. The display tanks they have at the aquarium have fluorescent objects in the tanks because they fluoresce really nicely. I'll have to see if I can find anything around here to put in the tank.

After that I went out and had a look at the house my friends are interested in buying. It's a pretty cool house, with a stack of living space. It also turned out to be a bit of a family gathering, as many of their family also came out to inspect it.

Now I'm off to do family stuff. So much for getting any programming done this weekend :)

Titanic goes for an awfully long time on TV with all the ads. And it's way past my bed time and I have to run around all over Sydney tomorrow.

Snow Conditions

Does anyone want to go skiing? The guys I went ice skating with the other week are talking about going skiing again, but of course they'd never invite me and I don't think I could bring myself to ask if I could go. Especially not without someone to go with. *sigh* <wonders if I'll ever get to go skiing again>

* the icq server is broken
* received the first piece of spam to my notes address that I think I've ever had - and this to an address that I've had for five years. The end of an era.
* the cia support mail (and in fact all the other company's support queues) are a total disaster. And I'm just sitting here looking at it going, well sucked in.
* Channel 9 never aired the final episode of this season's ER. Or if they did, they aired it at a different time and I've missed it
* The amazon swords in my big fish tank are dying from lack of light. Need to get a new tube as soon as possible
* The amazon swords in my little fish tank are dying from over zealous snails. Have decided to eradicate the snails, beginning with the biggest ones
* Friends of mine may be buying a bigger house (which is further away from me :( )
* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire arrived off ebay yesterday, only three more to get now
* remind me never to have kids
* my tummy hurts and don't know why
* it was a fantastically warm and sunny day today, and tonight there was a lovely breeze that was so not cold. I think Sydney is going to skip winter this year
* the icq server is still broken

Again I've been asked not to do the support mail, basically because it mucks up the stats *sigh*

At least they haven't gone and lopped my head off by removing my access, I just need to not do stuff that will make a difference to the stats.

Argh I wanted to be in bed half an hour ago :(

27.. fzzzzzzz

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whoops missed the post.. better change the time on that...
had dave over tonight and we got pleasantly drunk
thanks dave *hugs* appreciate it

28.. wierdness

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Terminator 3

Strange kind of a day today.

Had a meeting at cia which I thought was just a regular meeting, but it turned out to be how I was going to fit in to the place again. Even after it was all over, I'm still not exactly sure what my role should be. And now things with Carl are just weird, and I don't feel all that comfortable with it. It was easier when I was pissed at him, now I think it's the other way around and it's just not good.

Then raced off and saw Terminator 3, which was not bad, but not as good as T2 I didn't think. Plenty of cool action though, especially the stuff with the crane :)

Pretty much a nothing day today. Busy, but nothing much happened.

I was somewhat intrigued with this, although I don't think I could ever come up with anything even remotely worth reading. I have enough trouble writing a few dozen words in this blog every day. I might ponder it for the next few months though.

Was a bit scared about going to cia today, but it was all good. There'll probably still be stuff for me to do, and team whatever may adopt me. Either someone is lying about all of what happened, or there's been miscommunication somewhere. Whatever the story is, I probably won't be doing cia support anytime soon. If anything I'll most likely be working on little projects for Vic. Feeling a whole lot more positive about life than a few hours ago.

Yesterday I was feeling completely miserable having been fired and it being a Friday night and facing the prospect of spending it home alone. I was absolutely dreading having to go home so I hung around at work til relatively late. Still not wanting to go home, I icqed dingbat and invited myself over for a couple of beers. What was going to be a quiet night getting tipsy ended up being a 22 hour marathon. After a few beers, we wandered up to the pub for half price cocktails, where we met up with Chris's neighbour and her friend, and also his flatmate and his girlfriend. We had dinner and then stayed at the pub til 4am drinking and playing pool. I crashed out on the couch. Around lunch time (actually it was closer to 3pm) we all met up again at a cafe up the road for a meal (not sure whether it could be called breakfast or lunch or afternoon tea). Finally just before 5pm I left to come home.

I totally adore Chris, have done for years. He's one of the nicest guys I know. Pity there's no reciprocal interest.

blah de blah

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Suck day at work today. For no real explanation, just felt grumpy with everything and everyone. Must be the weather. I did burn my first ever dvd today tho.. 40 minutes to burn a 4.7gb disc.

Then tonight we were supposed to have an owner's meeting but it ended up getting cancelled due to lack of interest. But it did give me time to catch up on a few videos I hadn't seen yet.

Gonna wander off in the general direction of bed

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