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Went and saw Greg Fleet in "I Wish You were Dad" tonight with Aida. It was funny, but rather silly. It was silly enough to be not believable which kinda spoilt it a little. I found myself refusing to believe any of it was true, so that meant I didn't find it as funny as I could have. Oh well.

Apart from that a very nothing day, didn't get anything done that I wanted to. Oh well.


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8127 oops

Was meant to go to me little brother's for lunch today, but ended up spending all day and half the night there - oops!

Another oops was the freight train that derailed at Unanderra. We got there pretty early and my brother got some spectacular pictures of a shattered rail. I got a couple of decent ones from an overhead bridge though.

To continue the train theme we watched "Cassandra Crossing", which was all a bit "yeah right" but hey, you get that from a 70's movie.. hehe. Kinda strange seeing Richard Harris and Martin Sheen so young .. especially Dumbledore! :)

Decided that I would call her. Tried a couple of times but the phone was engaged. Then my phone rang and it was her. Strangely enough neither of us mentioned last night, we just sort of carried on like it hadn't happened. Which was probably a good thing all round.

Only one support mail left, I can go to bed somewhat relaxed

two hours rebuilding and some help from mylex later and the raid 5 array in gamera is now working with redundancy (there'd been a dead disk in there for months which was causing me no end of worry)

all four disk show online and the logical drive shows as online also, it's no longer critical
all with zero downtime (except the reboot I did to make sure it'd all be happy)

now that is a big weight off my mind!
and to top it all off cia-support queue in RT is empty

/me a happy girl


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Church was rather interesting today - we did "Cafe Church" - we sat around in little groups, drew drawings of the different promises of Genesis, ate cheese and crackers and fruit, and sang and heard the Bible taught. Was rather different, but not too bad nonetheless. :)

Went to the Powerhouse Museum today also, to see the Special FX exhibition. It was ok, but nothing that spectacular.

Then dinner at Alan and Marylon's, and after a few glasses of wine I'm still floating away :)

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