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Matrix Reloaded

I finally got around to seeing the Matrix Reloaded today. Not too bad. Had heard a couple of "it was a bit disappointing" reviews, so didn't expect too much from it. Had to see it alone, as I had a single Greater Union voucher which needed to be used before 5pm today, and I didn't have any other movies left that I wanted to see. Another day, another stoopid shopping centre parking setup.

Spent most of the day at my nana's house. She's moved into a hostel and the contents of her house are up for grabs to all the kids and grandkids. Got a bunch of tupperware and some food. Among the goodies are some icing sugar (unopened) with a use by date of November 97, and some golden syrup (also unopened) with a use by date of April 94. :)

It's pretty scary just how much stuff is there (and how much history). I have to remind myself to not get old, or at least clear out clutter every so often so whoever has to clean out my house when I die doesn't end up just throwing everything out.

Phone Booth

Had a relatively successful day cleaning today. Tomorrow I attack cockroach dung. I may have to make a trip to Hardware House to get supplies for the cockroach control methods I wrote about in a previous blog entry. Must go find that actually, I really want to setup one of those methods to see how effective they are.

Went and saw Phone Booth tonight. It wasn't too bad considering it spent a full hour around one spot in the street. I somehow also managed to wind up with another Hoyts movie money, so now I have one Hoyts and one Greater Union ticket that both need to be used before Saturday night.


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You know it's a little scary when your uncle who lives on the other side of the world finds your blog.. hehehe
well ok it's not that scary, he knew about the domain name when I first got it, maybe he went to it by chance? Maybe he'll respond to this post and tell me how he came by it :)

Barely anyone I know in real life knows about this blog. I've deliberately not told them about it. And I'm not really even sure why. It's not like I ever post anything earth shattering here. shrug

Anyways, must be about bed time. Gonna enjoy a lovely sleepin tomorrow.. unless the phone rings early of course..

Don't think that's ever happened.
Trying to recover from last night's sleeping fiasco

It's late

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I had six hours sleep last night
I was grumpy all day
I'm going to bed

Out all day

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Church, mothers day stuff, dinner at Alan and Marylon's
Suddenly the weekend is over.

I did get a chance to climb the jacaranda tree at my nana's place for probably the last time ever. We used to climb it all the time when were kids, but now nana is moving out of her house so my brother and I climbed it once more for old time's sake. I found it rather more difficult than I last remember it being. I haven't decided if this is because there are significantly less lower brances (= foot holds) than in previous years, or that I'm more worried now about falling out, or that I just don't have the confidence anymore. At any rate, it was a lot harder, but still no less enjoyable.

Jacaranda trees have to be among the best trees for climbing, with their twisting branches (those big maples(?) with all their horizontal branches are also good, you can go really high in those).


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Another busy running around day today. Things achieved included:

* church
* looking for another computer desk to house the old junk computers I have floating around
* buying more bits for the new fish tank
* washing up
* dinner at Alan and Marylon's

feeling somewhat fizzy at the moment, looking forward to collapsing into bed :)

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