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Short entry

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Nicole Kidman Oscar

This is going to have to be a quickie - it's after 10:30 and I *need* to get to sleep early tonight.

I really need more than a 3 hour weekend. Didn't get to bed til after midnight last night which will knock me around for the rest of the week if I'm not careful.

Congrats to Nicole Kidman for winning Best Actress at the Academy Awards! :)

urgh I'm never gonna get to bed. I blinked and this weekend was over.

Spent all day at work yesterday fighting with our file server. It was meant to be a simple matter of installing a scsi card, LTO drive and backup software. It was an all day battle that we never fully resolved.

Then last night it was the EvilHouse Harley Warming which was a lot of fun and went til all hours.

This morning was church, then a couple of hours to take care of the fish tank and do some other bits and pieces before heading off to the parents for a baked dinner, and I've only just gotten home, with a list of things that I needed to do this weekend sitting rather untouched :( And I still haven't had enough sleep. Not looking forward to surviving tomorrow at all.

On a lighter note, it's been raining fairly heavily tonight which is great. It's kinda fun swooshing through huge puddles of rain in the car.

I'm gonna collapse in a minute. Should prolly get into bed before I collapse on something hard instead of soft

Thoroughly wasted

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I had a thoroughly suck day. Spent half the day stressing over our servers and their (lack of) backups. We've been fighting a running battle with Dell for the past week to get a working DLT tape drive happening. Complicated by the fact that we can't reboot the server it's attached to during the day because too many people use it and could potentially lose work if we do so.

Then we discovered the joys of LVD vs HVD. I didn't even know those TLAs before today, now I do. A last ditch effort was replacement of the terminator they supplied us with in addition to the new DLT drive, and KH was going to reboot the server tonight. It's been rebooted, but I don't know if it detected the DLT or not. I'll find out tomorrow morning I guess.

Was a big effort to stay awake in Bible Study tonight, I think I nearly fell off my chair a few times.

Time for bed, nite

Sorta kinda

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Well I achieved a few of my objectives for the weekend (including reinstalling windoze yayy) so not doing too badly. Got home rather late from Evilhouse this morning (got to bed at 4:30 - oops!); trundled off to chruch then home and tidied up a bit, then had an afternoon siesta which I needed badly. I was meant to be replacing a disk in gamera tonight, but haven't heard from Campbell and it's starting to get rather late. So now I'm watching some of the documentaries on the Lord of the Rings collector's edition.

Just talked to Campbell, the disk replacement is off.

Only 8 support mails in the queue, must be about bed time.. well soon anyway..

Too late

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It's too late and I'm too tired (and a bit sick) to blog anything meaningful. I was only going to blog about my fish anyway, so you're not really missing anything.

I only got through part of my todo list for this weekend :(
Just too busy :( And didn't recover my lost sleep either. Argh it's a disaster.

Didn't get to reinstall windoze, didn't get to do a dvd database for my friends, didn't get Esther read, didn't get the washing up done.

Did manage to get some new fish, go to cousin's engagement party, a bit of programming, and dinner at a friend's place

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