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I like Thursdays

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Moreton Bay Fig Tree

If only for the fact that when I get home on Thursday nights I don't have to walk all over the leaves from our Moreton Bay Fig Tree, as they get swept up by the gardener.

I'm soooo tired tonight, I haven't had a decent night sleep all week. So I definitely can't blog anything meaningful (I can't even get words typed without misspelling them all)

Had another good day today. Church in the morning, did a water change in my fish tank, as well as rearranging some of the plants. Apart from that just watched some tv and that was about it. Totally relaxing day :) (oh, and a load of washing up which wasn't too much fun, but I needed to do it so as not to feed the cockroach population)

Channel 7 have started up a new show called "Your Life on the Lawn". They empty the contents out of a family house (at least the bedrooms anyway) and the owners go through it all, sorting out the junk from the stuff they want to keep. The stuff they don't want to keep they sell at either garage sale or auction, or they throw out. And while they're at it, they give the rooms a face lift. The end result of course is quite spectacular.

If I had to do that, almost nothing would get thrown out or sold - pretty much everything I have has some sort of sentimental or "potential" value. As much as I'd love to get rid of the clutter in my life I just couldn't bear to part with anything. I just have to get more creative with my storage solutions :)

Your average weekend

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Well today was how weekends *should* be. Morning relaxing, reading up on tropical fish, answering support mail, reading mail. Trek out and about window shopping at a couple of different aquarium stores, pick up a dvd player on the way home. Clean up the unit. Have friends over for dinner, enjoy some wine and company. Go to bed feeling pleasantly relaxed.

I'm going to need a Dr Video device for my dvd player, as my tv is so ancient it only has an aerial input. And I can't play it through a vcr thanks to macrovision. Jaycar make a little device that strips out the macrovision (although probably with some loss of quality - but with my video/audio setup it probably won't be noticable) which should let me view dvds properly.

*yawn* I'm off to bed.. night! :)

Another suck day

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Well actually most of it was ok. I had some fun at work rearranging our rack setup on graph paper with scale cutouts. We should be able to rearrange everything in the racks without too much fussing about.

KH continues to piss me off with his lack of working grey matter though. And PM went and deserted us on his last week with us - "training" - leaving me to try and pick up all his pieces without him. As a consequence I've been putting off all the suck jobs he's left me with. Not any more unfortunately - now my Jim is on my back about it all, will have to look at them tomorrow. crap crap crap.

Getting lots of plants now

On a lighter note, I setup the bits and pieces I got from Daniel and Fiona last night in my fish tank. There's a couple of twisted bits of wood, and some more grassy leafy stuff. I also snipped off the last big amazon sword runner and wrapped it round one of the sticks, and moved the elodia to the other side of the tank where it can be seen. Still having all sorts of problems making the plants stay *planted* - they have this annoying habit of just floating away, and I have all sorts of trouble getting them to stay in the gravel (it doesn't help that I can't actually reach the bottom of my tank with my fingers)

Mood Diary

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I felt totally *blah* today, but had trouble explaining why. Perhaps it was because I only had a half day weekend (had to work all Saturday, church sunday, then just too hot to relax), or just the combination of annoying little things between sleep and lunch.

I was thinking at one stage I should keep a mood diary where I could put the stuff that affects me positively and negatively, and see if I could find any patterns. Except I'd probably only keep it up for a few weeks before I lost interest.

My car has plumbing problems (again) :( This time a 1mm hole in a radiator hose squirting a little green stream of water into the engine bay. Fortunately not a big enough leak to be a big problem yet, I'm just topping up the radiator before going anywhere, but I'm going to have to get it fixed tomorrow. A nice walk up High St in the morning for me.

Notes rocks

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Installing Notes 6

We upgraded our Lotus Notes server today.

As much as I hate notes, I really love notes. You can just copy the directory it's in to another server, and it just runs, no questions asked. Yes that's right, you can run the server software after just copying the directory to another machine. How good is that?!

The plan was to move a notes installation to another server, fire it up to make sure it still worked (it did), then upgrade it from R5 to D6.

We locked ourselves out of the old machine though, because we needed to rename it, and doing this meant that domain accounts didn't work, and the administrator password we had also didn't work. We were planning to rebuild it anyway, but it was a bit scary knowing we wouldn't be able to go back to it if it all went pear shaped (at least not without reinstalling windows anyway). But as it turned out, it all went well and we now have a Notes 6 server.

Valentine's Day

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Well today was Valentine's Day. For me just another day.

For my parents, however, it was 33 years ago today that they got married :) To celebrate we went out for dinner (Mum and Dad, David and I) to a local chinese restaurant (which was quite crowded, obviously popular). It was all very pleasant and we all ate way too much, even taking home three "doggy bags" of leftovers :)

After dinner we all played a couple of games of five hundred, while watching "The World is Not Enough" on DVD.

Friday Five time!

1. Explain why you started to journal/blog.
Vic told me I should :) Apparently it's good for search engine rankings

2. Do people you interact with day to day or family members know about your journal/blog? Why or why not?
A couple do. I don't like to publish myself too much. I figure the people most likely to read any of this are total strangers coming here looking for Avril Lavinge and Vodaphone topup codes (at least that's what the referrer logs say :) )

3. Do you have a theme for your journal/blog?
As the title says - "Boring Life Of a Geek" - I reckon that's what BLOG should stand for. Certainly what most blogs are about

4. What direction would you like to have your journal/blog go in over the next year?
I don't have any direction planned. I will just blog randomly

5. Pimp five of your favorite journals/blogs.
Pimp? What an ugly word. How about "plug". Well there's Vic and Janelle, and Striker who are the only people I know in real life who blog, and I've been reading FurryElectrician and still on the lookout for other interesting blogs to add to the list.

damn, missed the post again tonight.

Have to go to work tomorrow too :( Doing an upgrade to our notes server. Really must go to sleep now.. zzzzzz night...


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Had our first work outing for the year today. As per usual I had the chicken kiev. I have that every time, I really should have something different next time.

Also got spammed with high school reunion emails. Yes if I've gotten the email once, I don't need to get the same email another three times. This reunion even has a website. I'm quite surprised at the number of missing persons - lots of people I would have thought would still be contactable by their friends after all this time. I also saw the name of my best friend in Year 7 - Nicole Vasek, who I haven't talked to since 1986 - it'd be lovely to try and find her again. There's also lots of names I barely recognise, and lots of names that I recognise but can't picture their faces. I'm gonna have to raid mum's photo collection and try and fit names to faces.

I'll prolly go to the reunion.. I think I'll regret it later.. but apparently only half the year is married, so can't be all that bad .. we'll see I guess :/ Even if it's all good, how the heck am I going to catch up with 100 people? Even 50?? Barely be enough time to just say hello to everyone, let alone find out what they've been up to for the past 12 years..

My room feels naked

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Christmas Lights

I *finally* took my christmas lights down today. Suddenly my room feels a lot *taller* - as I had the lights strung up between the ceiling fan and hooks on the walls, now they're gone the room doesn't feel so closed in.

But I did manage to get my place mostly tidied up today. Mum came over this arvo and we went for a swim which was very pleasant. Still haven't vacuumed or done the washing up tho.. oops.

My danios looked a little lethargic today. I'm a bit worried that when I cleaned the filter wool yesterday I washed away "good" bacteria which breaks down the ammonia. I'll test for ammonia tomorrow morning.

Other than that (and church) it was pretty much a lazy Sunday.


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Went and saw my friend James on Catch Phrase today. Was kinda fun. Questioning the sanity of taking the day off work for it though. He didn't come and see me when I was on.

Can't cope with the support mail again, there's too much of it that I can't answer by myself, and I've basically given up on emailing everyone else for answers.

Saw the final two episodes of Ally McBeal forever tonight. As much as I'm kinda embarrassed to admit liking it, the reason I've seen almost every episode of the five seasons of the show is cause I can relate to this character that's basically a lonely whinger. In the final show a couple of the other characters get married - cause you're more likely to get hit by lightning than get married after the age of 30.

I turn 30 this year.

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