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Scary ... the sweetie was in bed reading one of his manga comics, and asked me if I recognised a building in it (in Shinjuku).  And I'm .. yes.. that was where we were trying to find dinner but didn't know where we were going and trying to negotiate the bus interchange and craziness of the station and we (Andrew and I) were getting quite grumpy cause of low blood sugar levels and I took a photo of the Citizen clock at one end (it was 7:50pm).. 


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Live on NASA TV - the space shuttle leaving the international space station..


Flight Control

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A big influence for me getting an iPhone was Flight Control.  My brother first showed me this game and I was instantly hooked.  Everytime I was anywhere near anyone with an iPhone I had to play this game.

At work they have a file going on people's top scores.  I used to contribute until I was responsible for poor team morale (it was a different team) by posting my high scores.  

Today I completely shattered one of my own high scores - going from 166 to 460!!

Flight Control 460
I was pretty stoked :):)

But tonight I went online to see what other people around the world have gotten.  It was a little bit freaky.  Like the first video I found that was over 10000.  Or the next one I found that was over 50000 !!!  And finally looked at the Cloudcell scores - some dude got over 80000 on the default airport!  Somehow I don't think I'll get anywhere near that.

Current standings:
Default - 179
Hawaii - 193
Aircraft Carrier - 115
RFDS - 460


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I finally finished!!!

Well.  Not exactly.  I still need to upload photos to conspiracy, and there's a few pages I want dedicate to food, hotels, Engrish and manhole covers (!) that I'll do on conspiracy.  

But if you wanted a good summary of our Japan trip last year, here it is!

It's not going to be all in one page for too much longer, as any Google searches pointed at it will kill my traffic (there's 14mb of images!!).  In a few weeks I'll split it up so the front page of the blog is just an index page.

Two more days!

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Day 13 and Day 14 photos are on the blog ..

Only two more days to go!!

Day 12

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Day 12 of my Japan photos are on the blog..

Got a reasonable amount done around the house tonight, including washing, washing up, some bathroom cleaning, Full House, kirigami, Monty Python doco .. helps getting home on time and in a good mood...

Day 11 - getting there!

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Day 11 photos in the blog..

Getting worn out...

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Did another three days of Japan photos for the blog tonight - 

I'm still going to have to go back and do conspiracy and label and geotag everything at some point... I don't know when.. it could take years... and then there's the honeymoon photos to do!! Gahhh!!!

The biggest tragedy of doing tonight's photos is that I realised we actually walked right past Gion Corner (where Natto wanted to go see a show) without even realising it! :(

More Japan Photos

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Have updated the Japan blog with a couple more days of photos (three actually now that I look at it) - 

Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7.

I haven't uploaded the additional photos to conspiracy, I'll do that in the next round of photo sorting.  For now I just want have *something* completed.


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It's Thursday and I've had nothing interesting to say in two days.

So go read someone else's blog and their reaction to Vegemite... maybe I should send her some Tim Tams..? :)

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