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I've never photographed lightning before.  I didn't really succeed tonight either.  Out of 150-odd photos, I only got two with lightning in them ..   Of course it didn't help that most of the action was to the north of us, but our only really safe view is to the south.  I was on the balcony for a while until a bolt 300m away changed my mind..  Of course I saw plenty of stuff either in between photos or while my camera was "processing" .. wonder if I can turn that off..



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It was a little bit dusty today.

Canberra dust

Now it's stormy.

Japan Day 3

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If anyone's interested, I've uploaded photos for Day 3 of our Japan trip

Epic Win!!!

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All I have to say is EPIC WIN!!!!

Epic Crown Win

(and Epic YouTube Fail, the interface is just crap and twenty minutes after uploading I *still* don't have a thumbnail)

New toy :)

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Ever since I got my camera in 2004 I've wanted an external flash unit.  Recently I started keeping an eye on them on ebay, and the other week I bought one - a Sony HVL-F32X.  It arrived today.  It's very cool :)

Flash from camera:

Camera flash only

Flash from external flash unit, pointed upwards:

With external flash unit

Where is the sweetie?

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Nearly home!  (relatively speaking ;) )

Where is the sweetie

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