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Dining Table

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Stu decided.  He wanted a dining table.  Today.

So we went to Fyshwick (Hardly Normal).

Most didn't strike our fancy, but one did.  It's perhaps not 100% what I would have chosen if I'd had more choices, but it doesn't seem too bad.  Pretty expensive tho :/  Altho not in comparison to the ten thousand dollar massage chairs....!

Anyway, so we should get it in a few weeks.

New dining table

It's only a small start.  And there's still more I want to do (like actually labelling photos for my own records and locating them on Google maps) before progressing into further days..  And it's not like any of these photos are even from Japan...

But anyway, I've uploaded a few photos from Day 0 of our Japan trip into the travel blog (with a link to more (and bigger) photos from the day). 

Do people care?  Should I keep linking to the trip as I do each day?  Will anyone actually go and look? (Just asking so I know whether I should bother linking from here or let Google searches be my only traffic ;) )

16th May

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The 16th of May is burned in my brain for several big occasions.  In 1999 Gavin and Fran got married.  In 2004 we flew to America.  In 2001 my flat in Sydney settled. 

Also in 1999 I went over to Vic's place and had my second ever beer.  In honour of the occasion I went and got some of the same beer.  Cheers Vic! :)

Hahn Premium, 1999 Hahn Premium, 2009

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