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Why is it I seem to do this on a Sunday night... really must do this more often heh (I suppose it doesn't help that all of these pics have been taken since Friday)

Neil brought along some sparkling shiraz to a work farewell on Friday.. it was delicious!!

Sparkling Shiraz
Saw this chastity belt (!) at markets on Saturday

Chastity Belt
Clare Valley Riesling - one of the bottles we got as a wedding present from work, was very pleasant
Clare Valley Riesling
Bendy clouds seen while out and about today
Bendy clouds
On Saturday we finally got a bunch of photos printed out to put in the thankyou cards we're going to send people.  We also got one of them enlarged and a frame for it.  Looks pretty nifty.  Not really looking forward to writing a whole stack of cards out in long-hand though....

Credit for this photo goes to Andrew W
Wedding thankyous

Been there!

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The last website that generated a visited countries map seems to not have it anymore.. so found this one..

So countries I've been to....

Get your own Visited Countries Map from Travel Blog

and then adding in countries I've seen in the distance or been 11km above...

Get your own Visited Countries Map from Travel Blog

funky.. :)


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This photo was taken about as far north as I have ever been in my life.  65°55' approximately.  Just a teeny bit south of the Arctic Circle.  Yes, I Google Earthed my trans-siberian flight tonight.  And we did fly a lot further south on the return trip - nearly 500km further south!


Download Day 2008
So it seems my Lego Star Destroyer page was Stumbled Upon the other week...  sent my stats through the roof :)

Stumble Upon

Colour Balance

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While we were away, we were discussing at one point how very different the countryside is in Europe vs Australia.  Stu said it must have been so hard for the early settlers to deal with the harsh Australian landscape, when they had been used to such lush countryside back in Europe.  And I said I reckon they must have gotten off the boats thinking that the colour was just wrong.  Australia doesn't do green. Compare my previous desktop to my current desktop to see what I mean...

Wallpaper - brown
Wallpaper - green


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So we exercised our right as Canberrans (for however long that will last, probably not very), to set off some fireworks tonight.

We had some of the kids over, but they got scared.   Sheesh!!  They don't know what they're about to be missing! lol

So I haven't set off a firecracker of my own for probably twenty five years, so that was pretty damned cool. 

We got a $50 bag, which had a decent number of crackers in it, but all but two of them weren't that spectacular. 

But the Stus and I certainly enjoyed them .... and all the others we could see of the neighbours'  :)

Fireworks on display
Fireworks in action
God save the Queen!! :)

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