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Merry Christmas to all. Was going to blog two days of photos, but spent all evening (four and a quarter hours) building Lego, and somehow didn't get around to photos.. oops.. :)

Merry Christmas!

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Have a merry Christmas everyone!

In 15 minutes, Stu and I will have been engaged for a year..!

Have a good one :)


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Someone brought these into work the other day..

Don't Worry Be Happy

Born to be Wild

Met me little brother at Central Cafe and ate too much for dinner.. oops..

Heard this on the radio this morning... :)

From the show: A Connecticut Yankee 1927
(Lyrics by: Lorenz Hart / Music by: Richard Rodgers)
Ella Fitzgerald

I've been married, and married, and often I've sighed
"I'm never a bridesmaid, I'm always a bride"

I never divorced them, I hadn't the heart
Yet remember these sweet words, "`till death do us part"

I married many men, a ton of them
Because I was untrue to none of them
Because I bumped off every one of them
To keep my love alive

Sir Paul was frail, he looked a wreck to me
At night he was a horse's neck to me
So I performed an appendectomy
To keep my love alive

Sir Thomas had insomnia, he couldn't sleep at night
I bought a little arsenic, he's sleeping now all right

Sir Philip played the harp, I cussed the thing
I crowned him with his harp to bust the thing
And now he plays where harps are just the thing
To keep my love alive
To keep my love alive


I thought Sir George had possibilities
But his flirtations made me ill at ease
And when I'm ill at ease, I kill at ease
To keep my love alive

Sir Charles came from a sanitorium
And yelled for drinks in my emporium
I mixed one drink, he's in memorium
To keep my love alive

Sir Francis was a singing bird, a nightingale, that's why
I tossed him off my balcony, to see if he, could fly

Sir Atherton indulged in fratricide,
He killed his dad and that was patricide
One night I stabbed him by my mattress-side
To keep my love alive
To keep my love alive
To keep my love alive

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