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The other day CC asked if I'd post her the movie of the Queens singing. Well after I'd downloaded and listened to the movies again I realised I didn't really have a good one of the two of them honking together. But I did have a nice one of the Queen Mary 2 honking away merrily. So I finally signed up for a YouTube account tonight and uploaded my first ever video ...

Queens of the Harbour

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So I thought I'd go down and see the Queen Mary 2. As it seems, did the rest of Sydney. Couldn't get down Oxford St. Then found out they'd closed Art Gallery Road. Went back round to Crown St and down, but then couldn't get across William St. Ended up going round more blocks and stopping in the first park I found on William St and just walked down.

So yes, it was big. They say the biggest ship to ever visit Australia. But I'm sure the Constellation was bigger (or longer rather). I'll have to go check the stats. I think the Independance is even bigger than the Constellation but I didn't get any good pics. But I digress. EDIT: According to the SMH the largest ship ever to have been here before was the "Iron Pacific" - which I've been on!!!

Fought my way through thousands of people. Took some piccies of a big boat. Watched the news being broadcast live. Took pics of reporters I don't actually know the names of. Waited impatiently for the QE 2 to arrive, as I was in a parking spot half an hours walk away that was rapidly running out of time. Got a glimpse of the QE2 coming down the harbour, then attempted to race back down Mrs Macquaries Road. Against thousands of people walking up the road. Argh! Managed to be far enough back to the car when the QE2 came by, and managed to get a photo of the two ships together! Sweet! And got a cool movie of them singing to each other. And then nearly died trying to get back up to the car before my time ran out.

So here's some pics.. :)

First up, the lovely Queen Mary 2. Gotta love a wide angle lens!

Some channel 7 reporter I think EDIT: Samantha Armytage I think

And another channel 7 reporter

A channel 9 reporter I think EDIT: Damien Ryan, Channel 9

The whole spectacle

Queen Mary 2 through the trees

Life boat trials

Big red funnel

Bridge closer up

I bet you guys weren't expecting to be on the internet in your bath robes hey? hehe

These things were buzzing up and down the harbour all evening

Cameraman hanging out the door of this helicopter

Crowds gathered on the back of the Queen Mary 2 to see the Queen Elizabeth 2 come in

QE2 down the harbour

QE2 a bit closer, behind cloud unfortunately

QE2 nearing Circular Quay

Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2 in Sydney Harbour

Where were you?

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From Karla

  • Where were you when Armstrong first walked on the Moon?

    Half of my DNA was wherever my mother was, but that I don't know.

  • Where were you when you heard Princess Di had died?

    I was at home at the parent's place. I was by myself. My brother called the house. I also remember talking about it when I went to church at St Matthias that night.

  • Where were you on New Year�s Eve of 1999/2000?

    NY2K at Homebush. We only just managed to get in the gate before midnight though. We were on the dancefloor and someone came around giving sparklers to people to use. Midnight came and I thought "well we still have power. cool. can party all night" hehe. The only people at CIA that could have done anything about the servers doing anything silly were all at parties all night. Vic and Janelle and I got home at 6am or something, saw that everything was working ok, and didn't think much more of it. hehe.

  • Where were you on Sept.11, 2001?

    I was at CIA. Gamera was being stoopid and fussing over one of its disks. While I was working on it, Marc was online and called me over to tell me. We found pics on the BBC website, and when I saw both towers on fire I know it was deliberate. But the pictures were so small I didn't think too much of it. Came home and turned the telly on and stayed up til 3am watching it all.

  • Where were you when you first heard about the big 2004 Tsunami?

    Can't really remember. The initial reports listed only a few hundred people dead, which didn't really stick in my head. I remember being at J&G's though talking to Ralph about it and watching the news there when the count was more like 15000.

  • Where were you when you first heard that Madonna would go on tour last year?

    er.. did she announce that did she? shrug :)

Monkey Sea

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aka fish food .. er .. sea monkeys!

Jake's been growing these at work. I suggested they'd make great fish food :) I said they'd last about 2 seconds in with the fish. Well we sacrificed two of them. They lasted about 2 seconds. Actually that's probably overestimating it. I think one of them went in under a second to one of the guppies in the macquarium. Jake didn't have time to bend down to watch heh. I think the same guppy got the other one too. The betta was just far to slow heh

Sea Monkey

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