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This is the blue bubble light we got for the macquarium. It's too dark though, and bubbles to violently, so will probably not use it there.

Macquarium Blue Light

And the Durmstrang Ship I built today:

Durmstrang Ship

A big shout-out and Happy Birthday *hugs* to Dave

Hope you have a good one :)


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This and this (x7)


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Just played (and won!) my first two games of online Carcassonne. Coolness.


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Shameless plug for my friend Chris' cat, Grover, who has his own website :)


New Toy

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An interesting note is that you can't put different carrier sims into other blackberrys and have them work. Each handset is registered with RIM to the carrier they're with. As we discovered today when we tried to put Jim's Telstra sim into a Vodafone registered blackberry...

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