Fun Stuff: January 2006 Archives

Missyisms had this on her blog the other day, and I realised I never posted a completed version (I have an early 2004 version here, and the big usa trip one here). She's been to somewhat more states than me :)

create your own personalized map of the USA

Damn you Ben!

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His links of the week the other day had a link to this which had a link to this, which just took away four hours of my life dammit!! ;)

sand art

This was a first attempt seeing what things actually did. I spent several hours mucking about with this. Entirely tragic.

Brilliant Blonde Joke

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Is here

Love it, awesome, thanks Dennis :)

Some pics

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Just a few pics from Christmas/New Years/Queensland. I did have a few more I wanted to post but culled for brevity's sake.

This was in a Christmas Cracker opened on Christmas day at my parents

A traditional view of the water jet in Canberra

Although I like this one better

A spaniel provoking a black swan. I wonder which creature would win if it came down to a true fight..

Yes, I painted my fingernails and toenails with blue glitter for new years :)

Some of Stu's cardinal tetras

The fantastic marine tank display at Clayfield aquarium

A turtle we saw at the wetlands overlook

And the wetland lake itself

Stu has already posted some of the better pics we took while birdwatching here, but here's an ok one of a seagull in flight

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

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