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23rd Post Meme

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Neil tagged me with this the other day. The 23rd post meme.

  • Search your blog archive
  • Find your 23rd post
  • Find the fifth sentence - this is meant to say something about you
  • Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions
  • Tag five people to do the same

    Well here's the 5th sentence of my 23rd post:

    and I hate microsoft with a vengeance (unpatched sql system=secure; patched sql system=vulnerable)..

    Well that was exciting ;)
    But I don't do tagging, so if you feel like doing it anyway, go for it :)

  • This was a favourite list before I made the big one - although strangely enough not everything ended up on the big list...

  • bright shiny coloured things - this is a big category encompassing things like fireworks, glitter, fairy lights, christmas decorations, candles, sparklers, bubbles etc.
  • Roast Pork with crackling, apple sauce and gravy, the way my mother makes it
  • warm fluffy doonas
  • John Williams music
  • my digital camera
  • ice crystals
  • warm paper that's just come out of a photocopier (also warm clothes that have just come out of a clothes dryer)
  • lying warm and dry in bed and listening to it raining outside

  • This was in my TopStuff blog, but I'm nuking it, so moving it here.

    Just a few of my favourite things :)
    This was compiled from stacks of online quizzes, and then sorted into some sort of category order.

    Movie:At the moment my favourite movie is Peter Pan. My longest running favourite movie would have been Labyrinth, I watched it every week for a year and a half.
    Actor:Jason Isaacs
    Actress:Nicole Kidman
    Type Of Movie:I like all sorts. I do tend to like the big Hollywood blockbuster though.
    Action movie:Terminator 2
    Animated movie:A Bugs Life or Toy Story
    Dramatic movie:The Hunt for Red October
    Funny movie:Flying High
    Kids movie:Peter Pan
    Musical:The Sound of Music
    Romantic movie:When Harry Met Sally
    Scary movie:Don't have one. I don't like scary movies. Actually I take that back. In 1991 at the end of year 12, our maths class went out to see a movie. They chose to see Silence of the Lambs. I didn't want to see it, but eventually was talked into it. The silly thing is I really liked it - I think even more than anyone else that went!
    Sci-Fi movie:Star Trek VI
    Cartoon Character:Tough one. Bugs Bunny perhaps
    Cartoon:Looney Tunes
    TV Show:MacGyver. Probably ER at the moment.
    TV Station:I'd say CBS except we don't get that in Australia :) Probably channel 9
    Female Artist:Maybe Madonna or Alanis Morrisette
    Male Artist:David Bowie or Billy Joel
    Concert you've been to:Either Billy Joel, David Bowie or Brian May. All very good.
    Music:80s Rock
    CD:At the moment the Peter Pan soundtrack, or some of the Harry Potter sound tracks. I also have this cd Marc burnt for me which was essentially Star Wars in techno, very cool.
    Song:Probably Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. It's been my favourite since 1986 basically.
    80s song:Gosh there's so many! You're the Voice by John Farnham was one of my earliest favourites. Don't Worry Be Happy, Electric Blue, It's the End of the World as we Know it, Love Shack, Patience, and many others are all up there
    Depressing song:Probably Spending My Time by Roxette. It came out the week I broke up with my first boyfriend, and it described exactly how I was feeling
    Love song:Possibly All I Want is You by U2
    Upbeat song:Pressure by Billy Joel
    Author:Roald Dahl
    Book:Star Trek VI by JM Dillard
    Kid's Book:Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling
    Board game:Pictionary
    Card game:Cribbage
    Computer game:Spider Solitaire at the moment
    Video game:Mario Kart
    Celebrity:Aside from Jason Isaacs? :) Well aside from an actor or actress, maybe Ray Martin
    Comedian:Billy Crystal
    Hobby:Playing with Lego
    Magazine:I used to collect Smash Hits magazine. published a photo of mine every month for three years which was pretty cool
    Radio Station:Triple M
    Show:Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and the Lion King were both spectacular
    Talk show:The Shebang on TripleM
    Thing to do:Waste time on my computer/the internet
    Thing to do during the summer:Go somewhere air conditioned
    Thing to do on a rainy day:Stay inside and play on my computer
    Thing to do on the computer:Read email, browse the internet, read blogs, look at lego etc etc
    Thing to do on the weekends:Catch up with everything I don't have time to do during the week
    Thing to do with friends:Play games
    Food:Roast pork
    Breakfast:Bacon and eggs
    Lunch:6" pizza sub on italian herb and cheese bread
    Dinner:Roast pork, with crackling and apple sauce, and baked vegetables
    Drink:Orange juice
    Alcoholic Drink:Baileys
    Non-Alcoholic Drink:Orange juice
    Cold Drink:Orange juice
    Hot Drink:Hot chocolate
    Juice:Orange juice
    Soda:Solo/Lift - that's a lemon flavoured softdrink which you cannot actually get in the USA
    Cereal:Kellogs crunchy nut cornflakes
    Dessert:Lemon cheesecake
    Salad Dressing:Caesar
    Candy:Jelly beans
    Chocolate Bar:Flake
    Fast food:Subway
    Gum:Spearmint Extra
    Ice Cream:Choc mint
    Junk food:Chips or chocolate
    Midnight Snack:I don't eat after I brush my teeth at night
    Movie snack:Popcorn
    Pizza Topping:Pepperoni
    Name:I always liked Ariel from the Little Mermaid, but I would spell it Arielle, so people didn't pronounce it aerial
    Boy Name:Jareth ;)
    Girl Name:Arielle
    Family Member:Dunno. Maybe the little brother, although he doesn't care for me much
    Sibling:Well I only have one sibling, my brother :)
    Aunt:Probably Aunty Rhonda
    Uncle:Uncle Colin on Dad's side and Uncle Graham on Mum's side
    Cousin:Don't really have a favourite cousin, I never see them much anyway
    Female friend:George
    Male friend:Luc and James
    Ex bf/gf:Toss up between Hao and Guy. I *liked* both of them, and still do. Even went to both of their weddings heh
    Teacher:I had a few.. Mr Allen, Mr Francis, Mr Jirsa, Mr Pynsent probably best
    Person to be with:Probably Luc and Cynthia. Always have a lot of fun with them
    Person to talk to on the phone:Peter is just about the *only* person I talk to on the phone for more than just "business"
    State:New South Wales
    Holiday:My three trips to the USA were all awesome
    Restaurant:Does Subway count as a restaurant? If not, then how about Golden Corral, although they don't have any of them here :)
    Shopping Centre:Miranda Fair is pretty cool (and big)
    Hang out:The movies
    Place:My study probably
    Article Of Clothing:My black jeans, although they are too big because Jeans West changed their sizes without telling anyone
    Clothing brand:Millers
    Clothing color:Black, although most of my clothing is blue of some shade
    Outfit:Jeans and a tshirt - my uniform ;)
    Pair of underwear:That's getting a bit personal isn't it? :)
    Shirt:A tshirt
    Shoe:My hiking boots
    T shirt:They're all the same mostly, except different colours. I do have a Batman tshirt I got in 1989 that I can't bear to throw out
    Hair color:My hair is blonde. Although I always though Morticia's hair was very cool. And Marc had cobalt blue hair at one stage which looked fantastic
    Hair length:Long
    Hair style:Heh, no preference
    Hat:I don't wear hats
    Perfume:Don't wear perfume
    Online buddy:James is the only person that I have extended conversations with via email all day. They're not long emails, just conversational, and sometimes have fun threads like word association threads
    Online phrase:"heh" or *sigh* - which I actually say in real life :)
    Way To Talk To Someone (icq,phone,email-etc.):ICQ
    Website:Aside from Google and my blog, the sites that I frequent most are our local television guide, and the local 128km weather radar
    Day:Saturday. The only day I can sleep in *and* stay up late, and I can do whatever I like in between
    Time Of Day:Sunset
    Month:December - Christmas and New Years yayy
    Year:1999 was a very good year. 1989 was pretty good too.
    Age:Well I was 26 in 1999
    Bird:Cockatoos and other big parrots
    Insect:Butterfly or cicada
    Pet:My fish! Although if I had the space I'd probably get a dog for the companionship and exercise
    Stuffed animal:Does a pom pom count? I have a woollen toy I made in about 1983 that went all over the world and Australia with me
    Wild animal:Lions are pretty cool. Deer are too
    Tree:Liquid amber
    Pot Plant:Ferns
    Color combination:Red, Green and White - Christmas!
    Feeling:Feathers, velvet, warm clothes out of a drier, warm paper out of a photocopier, serotonin release, dopamine release
    Smell:Roasting meat
    Other Stuff 
    Car:1997-1999 WRX
    Dream:That I could fly
    Eye color:Brilliant blue
    Grade:High Distinction :) Only got one of them once - for my Honours Degree
    Job:Out of the three full time jobs I've had since uni, probably my current one is the best
    Memory:Gosh, that's a hard one. First kisses are always pretty cool. Feeling alcohol go to my head the first time was also pretty memorable.
    Number:Don't really have a favourite number. Maybe 1 or 10.
    Obsession:Lego, or Jason Isaacs :)
    Picture:That changes all the time too. There's a beautiful one of Jareth that I drew once.
    Poster:Well the only one I have up in the study at the moment is a picture of Sydney from space. I'll say it.
    Quote:Live long and prosper
    School Subject:Maths and Science
    Sport to play:Hockey was really the only sport I ever played
    Sport to watch:Lots of Winter Olympic sports are good
    Symbol:: and ) used in combination
    Tool:Philips head screw driver
    Thing in the whole world:Flying

    Crimson Rosella

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    Snapped at my parents' place today.

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