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Have I ever..

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It's a memeing kind of a day today. I saw this at Karla's last week and have been meaning to do this one too.

  1. Snuck out of the house? Nope. I have snuck back into the house a few times when I really didn't want the parents to know just how late I got home :)
  2. Gotten lost in your city? Not lost, although sometimes frustrated at having to navigate and drive at the same time
  3. Seen a shooting star? Yep, a few times
  4. Been to any other countries besides Canada? Like Karla said, why Canada? I have actually been to Canada, as well as Australia (obviously), USA (three times) and New Zealand
  5. Had a serious surgery? Nope
  6. Gone out in public in your pajamas? Only on camps etc. This photo was taken at the Jindabyne sport and rec camp in 1987: This was a wear-your-pyjamas-to-breakfast day
  7. Kissed a stranger? No
  8. Hugged a stranger? Yup
  9. Been in a fist fight? No
  10. Been arrested? No. And never been pulled over on the road for anything more than a random breath test
  11. Laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose? Not anything that silly, although I have laughed til I've cried numerous times
  12. Pushed all the buttons on an elevator? Nope
  13. Swore at your parents? Yes, once, in America last year
  14. Been in love? Several times
  15. Been close to love? er, well yes
  16. Been to a casino? Yup. The only one I've actually been inside and betted was Star City in Sydney. I was stunned by the number of security cameras in the ceiling of the place.
  17. Been skydiving? Yep!!
  18. Skinny dipped? No .. although there are plans.. ;)
  19. Skipped school? No. Although I did get a note from my mum to take the afternoon off sport so I could come home and get ready for my year 10 formal. heh
  20. Seen a therapist? Once. Pretty pointless exercise really.
  21. Done the splits? Not since I was a baby (and who knows even then)
  22. Played spin the bottle? No
  23. Gotten stitches? Nope
  24. Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? yuk, nope (hasn't anyone ever seen Jackass, if you do that you throw it straight back up again)
  25. Bitten someone? Maybe as a kid. Now only playfully.. ;)
  26. Been to Niagara Falls? No, but it's on the todo list
  27. Gotten the chicken pox? No. I've been vaccinated for it now so hopefully will never get it.
  28. Kissed a member of the same sex? Not in any romantic sense
  29. Crashed into a friend's car? *into* a friend's car, or crashed while *driving* a friend's car? Neither, anyway.
  30. Been to Japan? No, but maybe one day
  31. Ridden in a taxi? Yep
  32. Been dumped? Nod.
  33. Shoplifted? No. But I did steal a few sticks of chalk from school in kindergarden. Of course then I had to lie about where they came from. I felt so bad about that that I've never stolen or lied that directly ever since
  34. Been fired? Nope.
  35. Had a crush on someone of the same sex? No (but see my list of actresses I'd turn for)
  36. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Hasn't everyone?
  37. Gone on a blind date? No. I did however send two of my friends on a blind date, and they ended up getting married.
  38. Lied to a friend? I don't think so
  39. Had a crush on a teacher? Yep. First one would have been Mr Jirsa in year 7.
  40. Celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans? Nope.
  41. Slept with a co-worker? No. But does fondling count? :)
  42. Seen someone die? No. And I think I've only ever seen one dead body (that wasn't in an anatomy museum)
  43. Had a close friend die? No.
  44. Been to Africa? No, but I'd like to go to Egypt one day. And maybe on a safari to see the wildlife.
  45. Driven over 400 miles in one day? I personally haven't done the driving, but I've been involved in trips of that length many a time. I've done probably 300 miles myself on one day.
  46. Been to Mexico? No
  47. Been to India? No
  48. Been on a plane? Yep, and loved it every single time
  49. Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Yep. Saw it for the first time on video at a friends place in 1989. Saw it live in New York in 2000. Kicking myself that I never saw Striker in it in the Friday night midnight sessions when he was acting in it here :(
  50. Thrown up in a bar? No. I've always made it home.
  51. Purposely set a part of myself on fire? huh?? No.
  52. Eaten sushi? Yep. Not a huge fan though.
  53. Been skiing/snowboarding? Have been skiing. Love it.
  54. Lost a child? In what sense? I haven't lost a child in any sense of the word lost.
  55. Gone to college/university? Yep
  56. Graduated college/university? Yep, with first class honours in human genetics, no less
  57. Fired a gun? An air rifle, at a sport and rec camp
  58. Purposely hurt yourself? Don't think so
  59. Taken painkillers? Yep
  60. Been intimate with someone of the same gender? No

Childhood meme

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I was tagged by Fiona ten days ago with this, and have only just now gotten around to doing it! (sorry!)

Name 5 things you miss about your childhood:

  1. Big family holidays. We did quite a few cool holidays when I was a kid. The four best were the "flying" holidays - America in 1983, Western Australia in 1984, Central Australia in 1985, Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands in 1987
  2. Good vision. When I was 12 I could read the smallest counter on the VCR from way across the other side of the room. My eyesight started deteriorating after that.
  3. Ability to sleep anywhere. I had no trouble sleeping on the plane to America in 1983. No such luck these days.
  4. Nicky Vasek. My best friend in year 7. Haven't seen her since 1986. She's sent me some emails after reading this blog, but has disappeared into obscurity again when I asked if we could meet up :(
  5. Bluey. My budgie for three years. The only one we had that actually talked.

Gosh, that was harder than I thought it would be. I realised there's not a whole lot from my childhood that I actually miss. Being extremelly shy and introverted I had few friends. There was no internet. I wasn't good at anything in particular, especially not anything that required coordination. I was good at school work, but nobody appreciated that except my parents (and my teachers I guess)

This meme was a tag your friends meme, but as I said in a previous post, I don't *do* that ;)

So it seems I've been tagged by Delmer:

List five things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it to your journal, and then tag five friends and ask them to post it to theirs:

  1. Watching DVDs. I have a steadily growing collection, but due to the amount of tv I watch, I really only get to sit down and watch one on Friday nights.
  2. Tinkering on the internet. I feel utterly lost if I'm at home and the computer isn't on. I can't actually account for all the time that I spend online, it just disappears out there on the ether.
  3. Playing with lego. Buying, cataloging, building, enjoying, selling. Using ebay for evil.
  4. Reading a good book. I'm not a huge reader, but when I get into a book, I'll read it to the exclusion of almost all else.
  5. Watching tv. I definitely watch far too much tv.

It seems to be the trend with memes these days to tag people you know to do them. Now the issue I have with this is that a decent chunk of the people whose blogs I read **all read each others blogs** !! Dave, Ben, Delmer, Gary, Neil, Karla, Richard, Dennis are all interconnected in at least one direction. Mushroom and Fiona also. If this trend in tagging continues, it's going to be a problem to tag people, because they will have probably already been tagged! Argh!! So on that note, I'm not going to play the tagging game. If I get tagged I'll happily do the meme (I'm always up for a good meme, and Fiona, I promise I'll do yours next!), but it's just going to be too complicated for me to find people that haven't already been tagged yet ;)

Kazza from space

Thanks to me little brother who told me of Google Maps much improved coverage of Sydney (and other places in Australia). It seems to be as good as the US coverage.

Above is my block. It was taken over a year ago, as the Moreton Bay figtree out the back is still there.

Way cool :)

I'm copying Dave again for the second night in a row. Here's my webalizer stats for June thus far, showing where people are hitting from. Mexico is the biggest surprise .. what the?? :)
(apologies for the scroll, presumably some weird style sheet issue, but I'm too tired tonight to look at it).

Top 30 of 91 Total Countries
# Hits Files KBytes Country
1 37546 24.62% 33076 24.92% 823178 32.07% Network
2 29857 19.58% 25428 19.16% 440231 17.15% US Commercial
3 27703 18.16% 22797 17.18% 384443 14.98% Unresolved/Unknown
4 14641 9.60% 12120 9.13% 244361 9.52% Australia
5 8734 5.73% 8480 6.39% 47328 1.84% Mexico
6 2966 1.94% 2362 1.78% 51167 1.99% Germany
7 2428 1.59% 2241 1.69% 41092 1.60% United Kingdom
8 2387 1.57% 2254 1.70% 59424 2.32% Canada
9 2332 1.53% 1995 1.50% 45835 1.79% Netherlands
10 2264 1.48% 2034 1.53% 34660 1.35% Poland
11 1756 1.15% 1635 1.23% 43562 1.70% France
12 1728 1.13% 1586 1.20% 15222 0.59% Norway
13 1703 1.12% 1539 1.16% 16994 0.66% Israel
14 1680 1.10% 1585 1.19% 44582 1.74% Hungary
15 1535 1.01% 1346 1.01% 24575 0.96% Brazil
16 1266 0.83% 974 0.73% 22676 0.88% Belgium
17 937 0.61% 884 0.67% 21843 0.85% Switzerland
18 911 0.60% 845 0.64% 13806 0.54% Italy
19 826 0.54% 793 0.60% 15003 0.58% Japan
20 702 0.46% 661 0.50% 19019 0.74% US Educational
21 671 0.44% 625 0.47% 12066 0.47% New Zealand (Aotearoa)
22 511 0.34% 473 0.36% 8790 0.34% Austria
23 501 0.33% 430 0.32% 6735 0.26% Argentina
24 472 0.31% 430 0.32% 5520 0.22% Greece
25 450 0.30% 420 0.32% 8657 0.34% Sweden
26 420 0.28% 408 0.31% 8079 0.31% Thailand
27 403 0.26% 395 0.30% 5119 0.20% Colombia
28 365 0.24% 355 0.27% 14739 0.57% United States
29 334 0.22% 328 0.25% 9536 0.37% Non-Profit Organization
30 327 0.21% 311 0.23% 1831 0.07% Taiwan

At 2.6gb so far this month (4gb last month) it's a good thing I don't have to worry about bandwidth. But then I'm still nowhere near as popular as Dave, only my images are! The USA and Star Destroyer pages are my biggest sucker of traffic, with long pages and lots of images.


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Saw this very cool idea for a meme at Dave's. The idea is you answer a bunch of questions and post the picture returned by Google Images.

  1. The place you grew up: Sydney Australia. Best city in the world :)
  2. The place you live now: As above.
  3. Your name: Kazza the Blank One. Oh look at that, the number one picture returned is my lego mosaic of Jason Isaacs (yumm). This image also makes the frontpage of a google image search on Jason Isaacs hehe
  4. Your grandmother's name: Hazel. She's my only living grandparent. I seem to have returned leaves though..
  5. Your favorite food: Roast pork. With crackling and apple sauce and gravy.
  6. Your favorite drink: Orange juice. I live on the stuff.
  7. Your favorite song: Bohemian Rhapsody. Perhaps not my favourite song (trying to pick just one was hard), but it's one that I've known the longest.
  8. Your favorite smell: Roasting meat. I'm a carnivore.
  9. Your favorite shoes: Black boots. Not the picture I really imagined exactly. I like comfortable shoes.
  10. Your favorite number: 1. I don't really have a favourite number, but had to pick something.

It's getting a bit late now, so this whole entry was a little rushed. It's surprising the effort it takes to resize, save, upload and label several dozen photos.

In an extended entry I've put together a bit of my Queensland trip. There's about 2.3mb of photos. Hover your mouse over them for labels.


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