Fun Stuff: May 2005 Archives

I wasn't going to do this meme, even though I've seen it on a stack of blogs in the past week. But Fiona told me I had to :)

Total volume of music files on my computer…
2.8gb. I don't listen to music on my computer, I'd much rather listen to my cds on a decent sound system (well decent compared to my crap computer speakers). I've only recently started to rip my cds simply as a backup in case they all get stolen.

The last CD I bought was…
"Where were you? 1989" - that and "Where were you? 1988", a semi-decent compilation cd from 88/89, the prime of my music life.

Song playing right now…
Lemme just go turn on the radio.. No Lies by Noiseworks (Triple-M are doing another 80s weekend).

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me…
The beauty of my cd player is that it plays everything on random shuffle, so I don't hear anything more often than anything else. I've commented in another post about favourite songs.

People I’m passing this on to:
hrm, who hasn't done it? .. How about Stu, Delmer, and Paul? But honestly I don't care! :)

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