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26 Things

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26 Things from the month of December

I didn't realise when I started this how much work it would be. Also, I've posted next to no pictures this month, so here they are all at once :) Every photo here was taken on my Sony DSC-F828 camera in the month of December 2004.

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Christmas Cracker

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The only funny Christmas Cracker joke all year:

Q: If a little pig is a piglet, what is a little chicken?

A: An omelet

Unconscious Mutterings

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Another meme, again from Fiona

  1. Perfect Gift:: World Peace
  2. Santa:: Clause
  3. Lucy:: in the sky with diamonds
  4. Buckets:: raining
  5. Recital:: concert
  6. Stamp:: stick
  7. Teacher:: learn
  8. Matchbox:: cars
  9. Spit:: gob
  10. Feeling:: mutual

saturday-8 :: trimmings

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As seen at Blogography, a saturday-8

1. if you celebrate christmas, do you have your tree up yet? if not, what's your excuse?
Yep, and it looks lovely

2. christmas is in a week ... do you have you holiday shopping done?
Pretty much. Still one person I want to get something for

3. do you take time off during the holidays, or do you work straight through?
We have a compulsory holiday between Christmas and New Years. I still sorely miss the three month holidays I used to get as a student

4. do you take a winter vacation to go skiing or do the iditarod?
mmmmm snow. Sorry we don't get snow in Sydney, even in winter

5. in your neighbourhood, are there a lot of holiday lights up?
A few. If you really want to see a lot of lights, go visit Bonnett Bay. Practically every house in the suburb is decorated. I did see on one of those lifestyle shows a couple of years ago a house in Newcastle that was just *covered* in lights. Can't remember whereabouts tho.

6. do YOU put holiday lights up? if so, are yours up this year? if not, why don't you do it?
"You can never have too many fairy lights"

7. describe the most gaudy/tacky/cheap holiday display you've seen. where was it?
I'm a huge fan of bright shiny coloured things, so you're really asking the wrong person. I did see something this year though - a front yard full of mega-sized inflatable santas etc. They look ridiculous.

8. for this holiday, mr. laura is gutting my dining room and adding on a computer room, so my house will be full of drywall dust instead of holiday house trimmings. have you had a year in which you didn't or weren't able to decorate your house for the holidays?
Never! Although I still haven't managed to get a small tree up at work - I've just been so busy :(

Autocomplete Alphabet

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I meant to do this the other day but somehow never got around to it. Taken from Richard. The idea is to type a letter into the address bar of your browser and take the first url that comes up in the history.

  • a - A page I found that had someone's story of building their Lego Star Destroyer
  • b - Thursday Challenge - Light
  • c - CIADSL from when I was updating the site
  • d - Thursday Challenge - Light
  • e - Sydney TV Guide for Free to Air (the first link was to an ebay survey which no longer exists)
  • f - Striker's Blog
  • g - Thursday Challenge - Light
  • h - Paul's blog comments
  • i - Internet Movie Database
  • j - JGHS Reunion
  • k - My original homepage
  • l - Little Lioness
  • m - Old JGHS reunion site (my photos of the night are here)
  • n - Northpower lightning tracker
  • o - CD ripping software
  • p - Thursday Challenge - Light
  • q - Dave's Fart Quiz
  • r - Thursday Challenge - Light
  • s - 26 Things
  • t - BOFH story Luc sent me
  • u - CC's blog
  • v - Windows update
  • y - Weather Pixie for Sydney
  • x - Funny broken webpages
  • y - nothing
  • z - nothing

  • FQ TOPIC: Blogged

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    FQ1: Which entry in your blog is your favorite so far and why is that?
    Don't think I really have a favourite. One that I probably put the most effort into was Creative Cockroach Control

    FQ2: Which entry in your blog has gotten you the most attention and why do you think that is?
    Definitely my Aqua One AR-620T Support Forum. It wasn't originally called that, but people kept coming to it after a couple of people posted looking for information on this particular fish tank, and it snowballed from there. It's the only forum on the web dedicated to discussion of this particular aquarium model.

    FQ3: Which entry in your blog do you feel was overlooked and why should people have read it?
    I am still astounded that anyone reads about my boring little life at all, although I did drop a not so subtle hint one time that wasn't responded to :)

    FQ Reveal: Which entry in your blog do you think is most indicative of who you are and what makes it so?
    Dunno. I have censored the worst of my rants and self wallowing. One of my worst rants on how people easily piss me off is Completely Pissed Off

    FQ Topic: Unthankful

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    Nonsensical answers for the most part. Better late than never.

    FQ1: Name one thing you are thankful for that is kind of a silly thing to be thankful about.
    Fairy lights
    FQ2: Name two things other people seem to be thankful for which you are not.
    Blue vein cheese, chili
    FQ3: Name three things that don't currently exist which you would be thankful for if they did.
    Teleporters, thought operated appliances/remote controls, MacGyver on dvd
    FQ UNTHANKFUL: Forget about thanking others, what's something everybody else should be thankful to YOU for?
    Not much

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