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One of my favourite foods is lasagna. But I've only ever cooked them from frozen before.  Last night I thought I'd have a go at doing one from scratch.  So got all the ingredients while shopping yesterday.  The biggest difference is that we wanted to do a vegetarian filling rather than a mince one.  So we got a 200g packet of textured vegetable protein, as well as a carrot and a zucchini (both shredded) and some mushrooms (finely chopped).  Other than that followed the recipe pretty closely.  I've never made a bechamel sauce before, but the instructions were pretty good, and it turned out as it should.  

So an a hour and a half of prep time and about an hour and a quarter cooking time and we had this:

Actually there was enough "meat" sauce and pasta sheets for three lasagnas. I made two because that's all the baking dishes I had available.  I might make up some more bechamel sauce and do a third on the weekend.

The only problem I had was perhaps leaving them in the oven a little too long - they were very slightly overcooked.  But oh so delicious!! :) Definitely a leftover winner! :)

Prince Palace

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The first time I went to Prince Palace I was a bit put off because we had the banquet menu, and it was very generic - lemon chicken, beef in black bean sauce, etc.

But I've been a couple of times since, and the rest of the menu isn't too bad. 

Went along last night and had an amazing pinot gris (I swear it tasted just like alcoholic grape juice).

Chasing Clounds Pinot Gris
We had a soft-shelled crab for entrĂ©e, and dry chilli beef and Shantung chicken for mains
Prince Palace noms
After dinner we went for a little walk, and were amused by the first exhibition at the soon-to-be-opened Belconnen Arts Centre .. :)
Belconnen Arts Centre

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