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I'm very sad this morning. I accidently left the lid off one of my tanks last night, and this morning found one of my favourite fish on the floor :(:(:(:(:(:(:( He wasn't actually dead, his gills were still moving, but he was quite dried out. For what it's worth I put him back in the water and gently swayed him to get water over his gills. He's breathing on his own, but still quite stiff. Not holding out much hope :(:(:(


Update: he died :(

Mr Marley

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My betta at work is now called "Mr Marley". Because Tim walked into the office and said "it's Bob Marley ... and the whalers .. get it!" heheh. It's true, he does look a little like Bob Marley :)

Betta is Better

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Well Saturday I bought a betta. (Betta splendens, Siamese Fighting Fish). I took him to work today and put him in the Macquarium with the three guppies. Well he'd been looking a bit listless over the weekend, but perked up when he had some little fishies to chase :) The guppies are quick enough to keep out of his way, so I might keep them together for a while longer.

Then we thought some more about lighting the tank. We were still thinking a lamp mounted over the hole might work, and then one of us had the idea to dig out the little fluorescent light I'd been hoarding for just this purpose. At first I just stuck it over the hole, but it didn't really make a big difference the light levels inside. Then Luc tried sticking it down between the glass and the back of the case. And suddenly the whole tank was bright! It's still not perfect, because the fish are backlit, but it'll do for now :)

Macquarium with betta and lighting

Betta in silhouette

Death Day

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My favourite black angel died today :( And most of the guppies Stu brought up on the weekend are dead too :(

/me sad

Black Angel, RIP

Guppy Macquarium

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This is the Macquarium, filled last week and populated with three guppies. There's also some moss which would have ammonia-digesting bacteria on it. No flash so you can see how dark it is in there, even all painted white...

Guppy Macquarium

Productive morning

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Got heaps and heaps of stuff done this morning. OK so it was mostly cleaning stuff, but I did also get the little "krib" tank cleaned out and the heater and filter cleaned and it backed with black plastic. I'd really like to get some blue guppies for that tank.. and try not to kill them this time.... :/

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