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Macquarium Progress

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Filled the Macquarium today (I spray painted the inside of it white on the weekend, which makes it a whole lot brighter on the inside). It still could use some more light though. The cool kids do really funky things with lighting, including one tank I saw with this custom-made led board. I don't think I'll do anything that high-tech (unless someone wants to build something for me .. david..? :) ), I'll probably just get a cheap lamp and position it over the handle hole.

I have three guppies in there at the moment, but will probably get a betta next week. Will post some photos soon.


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My kribbies at work laid more eggs yesterday! I'm pretty sure it was yesterday as I looked in the morning and couldn't see any, but then again in the afternoon and there were eggs! yayyy. There are only two of their original babies left in the tank, and three in the baby chamber. The ones in the baby chamber aren't anywhere near as big as the free swimming ones are. Too much of their life lived in fear with no parents I guess.. heh

Mama krib taking care of her eggs

I also noticed papa krib picking at a dead guppy. Don't know which guppy. I always did have too many males.... Definitely have too many kribs in this tiny tank though, does anyone want some? They're cool to breed..... cc...? :)

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