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I discovered this today when I found a baby krib jammed in amongst the filter sponge :( so this probably explains what's been happening to all the babies. There's only three left with the parents now (and three in the baby chamber). I shoved some moss stuff in around the filter intake holes, so that might stop the rest of the babies getting sucked to their deaths....

I think I convinced four baby fish that I was their mother today. I noticed the four little kribs I'd separated were just moping in a corner, so I stuck my finger in there, and sure enough, the babies came to life and started foraging for food. Very cool :)

Three tiny krib babies

Life and Death

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Late last week I brought four of my little girl guppies home to put into my tetra tank. Saturday morning the two from the bowl were dead, and by Sunday the two from the tank were dead. No idea why. Change in water conditions? Change in temperature? Something toxic in the water? I've never lost a guppy like this - and remember these are hardy little creatures - we've transported guppies on planes and in little baggies in cars for weeks on end with no losses. So it's cause for some concern that I can't transfer fish between tanks. And really sad that I killed these otherwise perfectly healthy fish :(:(

However when I got to work this morning I found several dozen baby kribs that have hatched into my work tank. Which is way way cool. Except I need to do something to protect them, as the other kribs will eat them if given half a chance. Don't know what the best thing to do would be. At the moment I have a cd in the tank cutting off the most likely point of entry for other fish. Might have to try and get some netting or something....

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