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Or maybe 22. It's a bit hard to tell :)
One of my young guppys (born at the end of November last year) had 23 or so of her own babies this morning. She was still big when I looked this morning, then Houssein came along and asked about the new babies, and I said what babies, and he pointed at them heehee :) Was very exciting - I'm a grandmother .. er.. sorta :)

Starting to lose count of how many little fish I have now.. heh :)

After all that

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So the glass catfish was looking well. He was swimming around and eating his food. His little antennae were growing back and he was looking healthy.

And then he died.



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Got eight glowlight tetras yesterday. They're very cute and school with the neons.

Not very good photos unfortunately .. the flash washes all the colour out, and don't get enough light without it...

Glowlight Tetras

Glowlight Tetras

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