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More Babies!!

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Came into work this morning and found out my original mama guppy had had another nine babies. Gosh they're tiny. Also a bunch of unfertilised or unviable eggs. Will have to clean those out of the baby chamber before they rot.

CC we definitely need to organise a baby swap :)


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Some of my babies had babies! But they can't do that! They're only babies!

So the babies that went on a trek to Queensland in the car over Christmas have all grown up and this morning Stu found a bunch of *tiny* babies. His ones are bigger than mine because his tanks are heated (mine are still in a goldfish bowl). I still can't believe it though - cause my ones are still just babies to me.

My remaining mama guppy is looking plump again, so put her in a baby chamber today in case she pops. Can anyone say guppy inundation?

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