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So yesterday, with only one neon tetra left, looking terribly lonely, I bought half a dozen more. (The last tetra is over two and a half years old!! which is really old for a neon tetra). I also bought a new filter for the tank to replace the incredibly noisy one, that probably contributed to the deaths of the other three tetras. They're looking ok so far, even eating hungrily. If they survive for a month I'll consider getting some more small fish for that tank...



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Lost two of the glass catfishes today. Or maybe last night and just didn't notice them. They were three years old. They turned opaque when they died.

Only three fish left in that tank now - two angels and a glass catfish. When I first started I had 29 fish in that tank.

It seems rather ironic that I run (or host rather) a forum on my particular fish tank, when I can't actually keep fish alive in it :(

Just call me Darla

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You know, from Finding Nemo, the "fish killer". One of the blue guppys was dead this morning and the other one didn't look happy. Moved him out of the cursed baby tank into the tetra tank, but don't think he's any better off there. I don't have the heart to buy any more fish anymore, not when they're going to just die on me. Thinking about just letting them all go and getting rid of it all.

That and my baby seedlings keep dying for no known reason (too much water? too little water? not enough light?), and everything else just not working, and I've felt like crap all day. Yay.


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How gorgeous is this? Pity they only had males and not some females to make more really pretty babies....

Blue guppy

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