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Fish disasters :(

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My fish tanks are disasters at the moment.

One of my angel fish died overnight :(:( She was the smallest of my very original fish (I always thought she was a bit stunted). She hadn't been feeding properly for weeks and last night I noticed she wasn't staying vertical very well, and this morning she was dead :(:( Very sad.

Then in the krib tank, a few of the leftover babies were dead, and I noticed as I dumped the rest of the babies into the big tank with the rest of the babies that their fins look very sad. Worried I'm going to have a tank full of dead babies, and the parents will probably end up dying too :( Oh well, at least if the parents survive, they'll have a tank to themselves again.

I also weeded the tetra/betta tank. It was a serious jungle - so much so that the surface wasn't flowing anymore, and mildew was growing on the surface - yuk! Hopefully the cleanup hasn't stressed them out too much.

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