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An ominous stop

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Last night the fish tank stopped leaking. The toilet paper is completely dry. This worries me somewhat, because it could mean that water is going somewhere else (not that I've found any evidence of that) and is waiting to escape in a massive gush five minutes after I've left for work.

Further to that

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Well the leak appears to be very very slow. After wiping away the majority of the water, I left some toilet paper wedged into the gap between the tank and the stand, to see how much water would wick its way out. So far I've only wet two lots of toilet paper, and it evaporates before it even reaches the end of a couple of pieces. I also wasn't sure if it was coming out of the bottom of the tank, or perhaps a leak from the hood which had dripped down to the bottom. But there's no evidence the leak is coming down from the hood, so there must be a hairline crack in a seal somewhere round the bottom. The only way to tell for sure is take the hood altogether to see what happens, and then empty the tank and look round the bottom. Either way it's going to be a massive pain. I did water changes in the two smaller tanks, and used the water to fill a small tank from Daniel. I'll put the kribs in this tank and separate out the other seven fish into the two other tanks. Then I'll need to take the tank to somewhere like Strictly Aquariums for them to reseal everything up again. What a massive pain in the butt.

Further, ebay haven't responded to any of my emails. After reading some other horror stories on the web, I'm thinking they probably won't. This leads me to the only conclusion that ebay is evil and should be boycotted.


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My big tank appears to be leaking. Although I can't tell where from. This is going to be an *interesting* weekend :(:( Going to have to find somewhere to put 100L of water and nine fish, not to mention a tonne of plants and gravel.

Betta bothered

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Well I decided the betta in the big tank was getting picked on by the kribs, so I put a bag in the tank, scooped up the betta and a clump of wisteria, and pinned it to the top of the tank. Just until I decide what to do with all the fish. Going to move the kribs, but don't know whether to swap them with the black angels or put them in their own tank.

I went to Daniel's today with the thought of perhaps getting more fish. I came away with two fish and another tank.

The new fish are kribs, and they could be aggressive, especially towards the betta, so I'm going to get a standby tank happening just in case.

My two black angels look very sad, especially the male (assuming he's a male). Bit worried about them, perhaps they don't like the shallow tank...

...algae won't grow on the underside of the lights.. but more on that later.

I had a mission today to get new shoes and some new lights for the big tank. It turned into a three hour marathon, driving all over the city and back again and involved spending lots of money.

Stage one went well, I found some boots at Williams. I've been looking for boots for about eight months to replace my dying old ones which have completely fallen apart.

While in the shopping centre I did a price comparison on Harry Potter Lego. Grace Bros, er, Myer had 20% off all lego, but of course they only had two sets, one of which I already had. So I got the other.

Then the mission to get more lights for the big fish tank. I've already ranted here and here about the non-standard Aqua One light sizes. Well I trekked all the way out to one store that had the AR-620 lights last time, but they didn't have the same brand as last time, so they sold me a different one. I asked several times if it would fit the AR 620 tank. They said yes. Fine. So I thought I'd go to Strictly Aquariums to look for a pink light (the other one was a white light). Miraculously they had some in stock. (I really should go back and stock up on them - they're atman so hopefully should be reasonable quality). Compare with earlier purchased light. Different sizes. Fraggle. Trek back to store number one to get my money back on it. Can't win really.

So this afternoon I installed the lights and practically blinded myself. No wonder all the plants were dying. The new lights are so *bright*!! Did a water change and cleaned out a lot of the crap and dead plants. Really need to get replacements for the corys - there's flake decaying all over the bottom of the tank :( Daniel has offered me some of his kribs. Might try them out and see how they go.

Two Julli Cory Cats

Rachel came over and brought me two new fish - a neon tetra and a cory. They were originally going to be for the big tank, but I decided that a baby neon tetra wouldn't last long with in a tank with two full grown regularly-pregnant angel fish, so I put them in the second tank with the other tetras and Julli cory. I also managed to catch the last remaining tetra from the big tank and put it with all the others.

So the tank fish tally now stands at:

Tank 1
* two white angel fish
* one red betta
* three glass catfish
* one siamensis

Tank 2
* nine neon tetras
* two julli cory catfish
* one red/blue betta

Tank 3
* two black angel fish

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