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Batch 8 - I think

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Batch 8

I'd been worried about the two angels I put into their own tank - they seemed to be very grumpy and only coming up sporadically when I came by to feed them. That was until last week, when they laid their first batch of eggs on the back of the filter. The eggs didn't last though, and they went back to being grumpy. Then this afternoon I see they've laid yet another batch of eggs. This must be about their 8th batch of eggs all summer. If they keep laying eggs I guess they can't be too unhappy with life. It's a bit sad how cramped they look though - they're over half the total height of the tank!

The pic shows what I think is the male in front of the filter where they've laid their latest batch.

This time I'm going to turn off the filter just before the eggs are due to hatch (there's another filter in the corner - a bubble filter which isn't as likely to suck up the fry). That's even if the eggs get anywhere near hatching.

Only three left

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Saw one of my remaining neon tetras floating round the tank this afternoon.. which is a first, I never saw any of the other 8 die, they must have gotten eaten too quickly (either that or they were eaten alive!). So there's only three left. If I could catch the other three I'd take them out and put them with the other 7 in the small tank.

My two black angels are still moping somewhat, although they're both eating a bit which I suppose is a good sign. The big tank is starting to look empty now. There's only the Betta, the two white angels, three glass catfish, three neon tetras and two cory cats. Must be about time to get some more fish! :)

Shall we dance?

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Just finished watching The King and I. Pretty silly movie really, but the whole thing is worth it just for the Shall we Dance scene... The intense look Yul Brynner gives Deborah Kerr as he goes to put his hand round her waist.. not to mention all the gratuitous bare chest shots.. mmmmm :)

I *finally* moved the two black angels into their own tank today. Somewhat traumatic experience for them I'm sure, being caught in a little net and dumped unceremoniously into a bucket for transfer. I don't think any major fin damage was done fortunately. They've been hiding in a corner ever since, but hopefully they'll come around.

Are we up to 7 yet?

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Angels have laid egg batch number 7. And I was going to move them to their own tank tonight. Oh well.. wait a few days till the eggs disappear then move them.

New season of ER is about to start woohoo

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