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Batch Six

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and also .. my black angels laid their sixth batch of eggs tonight, again on the amazon sword. I *really* need to get them into their own tank.

Another girl

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The smallest white angel laid a bunch of eggs yesterday. Although I was lucky to see them; when I came back five minutes later they were all gone and the other white angel was looking decidedly *fat*. Although I have no idea which fish actually ate the eggs; or indeed if she actually has a male partner or is just laying eggs and living in hope. Really must get this breeding tank up and running.

Betta Be Good

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Blue betta

Here's a pic of the betta I got yesterday, isn't he gorgeous? :)

The third tank is almost ready to go. I'm just thrashing the filters a bit - the water I put in there was old water from the other tanks, which will make transferring fish a bit easier cause the conditions should be more similar. But it was siphoned water, full of crap that sits in the gravel, so just running the filters over it. I'll clean the filters of all the crud, then run them again for another day or so and then I'll be able to add the two black angels to it. This tank doesn't have any gravel (so fry don't get lost) so all it has in it is a few clumps of moss for growing things like bacteria.

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