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My angels laid another batch of eggs yesterday. Amazingly, the eggs are still there today, which is a better effort than last time. And I was all set to do a water change today too. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. The eggs don't have much of a chance in the community tank anyway.

On a sillier note, I updated the definition files on the antivirus program on my parents computer, and it found the opaserv worm. Looks like it came through an open share, as my parents had shared the c drive with full access and no password *sigh*. I set passwords on their shares, but it looks like it got infected in september. I didn't have time today to try and clean it up, but so long as they're off the net it probably won't be an issue.

Noticed this morning there were only five neon tetras left in my big tank. Might almost be time to pull them out and put them in the other tank. Either that or buy some more :) Just not sure if they're becoming snacks for the angels or not.

Bad news

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When I got up this morning, all the eggs were gone :(
I suspect the glass catfish - they come out in the dark, and they were hanging around the eggs when I went to bed :(

Oh well, at least I know I have a breeding pair, I'm going to need to setup another tank for them.. :)

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