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Yesterday I got 8 little neon tetras for the small tank (forgot to post yesterday). So far they're doing ok.

The other tank is plodding along swimmingly also. No more deaths this week yayy :)

I was thinking about getting some guppies for the little tank. They'd be a good source of live food for the other fish.. ;)

Lost another Danio this morning :(
This was one of the males that had been in the big tank the whole time. I noticed the other day that his fins looked a bit tattered, so I'm thinking that perhaps the other danios beat him up.

This was all after yesterday I noticed that the female danio that was by herself in the little tank was either swimming around erratically or not swimming at all and letting herself get attached to the filter inlets. I didn't know whether there was something toxic in that tank, or perhaps she was just lonely by herself (more likely). So I put her back into the big tank, and she immediately looked better. And in fact today she is still swimming around normally.

So now I have just five danios left. The two huge females, two smaller males, and the small female. The other tank is currently empty, I'm not sure what to do with it. Daniel said get some canaries - ie, something cheap, that I can put in there to test the running of the tank. I might get half a dozen neon tetras as they'll look good anyway (assuming they don't all die :( )

One of my danios died this morning :(:(
This was the same one that had flipped himself off the table the other week. He looked like he'd had some sort of internal problem, as there was a little bit of blood round his rear end, so perhaps he got an infection when he fell off the table. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious, and that there's not a problem with the tank itself.

Last weekend I bought a couple of Siamese Algae Eaters (siamensis) and in a week they've munched through the vast majority of the dark green algae covering the leaves of the plants in my tank. They're doing such a good job I'm worried they're going to eat themselves out of a food supply! I may need to get algae blocks they can nibble on.

I also had a light tube give out on me this week, so I wandered over to Strictly Aquariums to get a new one. The dude was a bit surprised when I told him that tubes and hoods made by the same manufacturers were 8mm different in length.

My male danios are colouring up dramatically at the moment. Their anal fins are turning a golden orange. One of them is torn though, maybe the other males are chasing him a little vigorously :)

I thought this morning would be a good time to transfer the small male danio into the "chillout" tank to keep the other one company, but as I was tipping the net over into the top of the tank he flipped himself out and plopped onto the table. Before I had a chance to do anything, he'd flipped himself again and slipped down between the table and the wall. Disaster! This table is a big solid table and is very heavy to begin with, plus there is 54 kilos of water and gravel, not to mention the weight of the tank itself. So there was no way I could move the table. I couldn't poke anything in there without risking him injury, so I tried pulling out the cabling that ran through the gap. There were only three cables but somehow I managed to pull him close to the edge without him getting left behind on the carpet. I gently picked him up and sat him in the water, and to my relief he started to move. I let him go, and he swam away trembling. Poor little guy :( I'll post again later with his condition.

ok so now that I have two fish tanks, and two sets of 2-foot lights, I thought well here's my chance to put the brand new tube into the deeper tank, as the newer tube is quite a bit brighter than the old one and would do the deeper tank much more good than the new shallow one.

So I pull off both hoods with the lights, wait for them to cool down, clean the covers off accumulated algae and pull out the two tubes that I want to swap. I put the tube from the deep tank into the hood of the shallow tank - and it doesn't fit!!! The two tubes - both exactly the same brand (Degenbao) and both supplied by the same manufacturer (Aqua One) - are 8 mm different in length! There is no way the tubes were going to be able to be swapped. So I put everything back the way it was, wondering all the while what's going to happen when I need to replace tubes ?? arghh!!

Fishy Day

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New tank

My day started with a shopping trip to buy breakfast. While eating my breakfast sometime later, Campbell smsed me that he could come to the Aquarium at Darling Harbour. So we met up there and spent a couple of hours wandering through the place. It didn't have quite the same "cool" factor as it did when we went for the first time last year, but was still very enjoyable. I didn't take nearly so many this time, as it seemed a little redundant to take pictures of the same things as last year. I just tried to replace the pics that didn't work last year, and redo some of the things I really liked.

On the way home I dropped into St George Aquarium (where I bumped into Daniel and Fiona who were there looking for algae eating fish) and had a look for equipment for the new tank I got off Luke the other day. In the end I got some gravel and a pump/filter, but still need to get a lid, heater and lights. I'll trek out to Strictly Aquariums tomorrow to have a look for those.

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