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My betta came and ate some tubifex worms out of my hand today :):) Very cool.

The glass cat fish are still being very boring. Two of them are hiding up behind the powerhead, and the other one usually hides among the plants. They *never* move. They just sit there swishing their fins. I hope they get a bit more interesting than this.

Five new fish

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Well today I was planning on getting a couple of Clown Loaches for my tank, but in the end changed my mind because I was worried about them digging up all my plants. So I decided on two small cat fishes and three Glass Catfishes. The glass catfishes will be pretty much impossible to photograph, as they're almost totally transparent. The little bottom-dwelling catfish are a little timid and not doing very much just yet.

I swear my danios are shrinking. The smallest of them look so small now, I guess my angels must be growing quickly.

I now have reached the limits of what my tank will support. I have 29 fish:

  • 7 Zebra Danios
  • 4 Angels
  • 1 Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)
  • 12 Neon Tetras
  • 3 Glass Catfish
  • 2 Cory Catfish

  • A funny sight

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    I've been feeding my fish different things, including a granular food. However the granules are just that little too big for the neon tetras, and so after feeding them, you may see half a dozen neon tetras swimming around with a pellet of food hanging out of their mouths, waiting for it to disolve enough for them to eat bits of it. It's the funniest thing.

    Brown filter

    No wonder my fish tank water has been so brown the past couple of days - check out the pic! That filter wool started off white two months ago. The picture shows the results of scrubbing the top part of the filter wool, with the bottom part a lovely chocolate brown.

    I just happened to look under the hood at the top of my tank this afternoon and noticed that first well in the filter was filled with water and was siphoning back into the tank without being filtered. So I pulled it out and spent the next half an hour scrubbing it between my fingers. The old tank water from yesterday's water change is now so brown I can't see the bottom.

    Of course all of this stirred up a whole pile of particulate matter that was obviously at the bottom of the first well because there wasn't the water flow to push it out previously. But hopefully now the filter will have a bit more "breathing room" to clear it out fairly quickly.


    My little betta is getting picked on by both the angels *and* the danios. They're coming up and nipping at his tail and generally harrassing him. He's taken to hiding under a stick at the bottom of the tank, or amongst the wistera where the angels can't get at him. If he keeps getting picked on I'll take him to work and setup a tank there for him.

    I also noticed the other day I had a snail. I first saw the tell-tale wiggle on the algae on one of the big leaves and the next day I saw the 1cm snail. The only way I could have gotten a snail that big was off one of the moss covered sticks I got of Daniel the other week. I thought about pulling it out, but for now it's doing a decent job munching on algae. If it does ever find a mate and start breeding I'll get a couple of clown loaches - apparently they love snails. I was thinking of getting a couple of loaches anyway.

    The angels are getting more and more confident. Today one of them even ate some bloodworms out of my fingers.


    Today I went to the aquarium and got four little angels and a betta (Siamese fighting fish).

    The betta is a beautiful vivid red, with a few blue and yellow highlights. I got two light and two dark angels, all with opposite coloured highlights. For the first hour or so all five of them huddled in the back corners avoiding the other fish and the strong currents. There was a tense moment as the betta (who had been living in a small cube of water, less than a litre, and probably has very little swimming strength) got caught between the bubble wall and the powerhead. I nudged him and he swam away, and hasn't been up that end of the tank since.

    The angels are starting to relax a little and are wandering out in pairs to look around and nibble at algae.

    The danios meanwhile are a little skeptical of the new arrivals. I even saw one of them nip at one of the angels. They've had the whole tank to themselves for a whole month, but not anymore!

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