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One of my little danios died this morning, it was very sad. It was the smallest of the 8 that I got, and had looked a little deformed from the beginning, so I'm not too worried about the seven remaining fish, they're still as crazy as ever.

I did my first water change today. Took me a while to get the siphon thing working properly, but once it started it filled the bucket very quickly. Cleaned some of the filters while I was at it.

Still negligable ammonia and nitrite levels, go figure.


6th July 2004:

Way back in February last year, when this blog was still a baby, I made a comment about the search terms that people had put into search engines to come to my blog. One of them was "ar-620t". A couple of people made comments and this entry is now number one in Google for ar-620t. Since people seem to be posting to it more and more often, I thought I'd better put up this little header paragraph to welcome you all. Apologies for the long page, you may have to search a bit for anything useful.

Here's the original entry from last February, scroll down for the forum:

Below are the keywords that people typed into search engines to bring them to my blog in January 2003:

27 17.76% kazza
21 13.82% sentinal csiro
8 5.26% kazza movies
7 4.61% sentinal hotspots
5 3.29% csiro sentinal
4 2.63% csiro fire sat* image sentinal
3 1.97% ar-620t
3 1.97% fish tank lights
3 1.97% strictly aquariums
2 1.32% fish tank stuff
2 1.32% growing plants movies
2 1.32% kazza little
2 1.32% kazza news 2003
2 1.32% rockdale plaza
2 1.32% sentinal

The first column is the number of times the keyword/phrase was used - I only showed ones with two or more repeats. The second column is the percentage and the third column is the keyword/phrase.

"kazza" was the biggest drawcard to my site, thanks in no small part to the fact that people are *stupid* and can't spell to save themselves. It's KAZAA people *NOT* KAZZA!! Sheesh! Get it right! actually used to have someone's personal page, but now it's run by the producers of kazaa for all the stupid people out there in the world.

"sentinal" also brought in a lot of visits because I actually mistyped it when I wrote it - it's meant to be "sentinel" referring to the CSIRO Sentinel page which shows bushfire hotspots in Australia.

There were also a bunch of referrals from my fish tank references. My blog is the only page indexed by Google to contain "ar-620t". This is the name of an aquarium tank made by Aqua One. Aqua One is a company that does not have a website, and obviously relies on resellers and retailers to promote its products. In this day and age if a company doesn't have a website they are seriously behind the times. At least that's my opinion anyway.

So I've not been able to find out a single thing about this fish tank that I now own, because there is not one single webpage out there dedicated to AR-620T fish tanks that can give me the specifications of my tank. The leaflet that came with it was just as useless, so if anyone out there has one of these tanks and their specs, maybe they could pass them along!

Queen Z

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It's official: my danios are crazy.

They can't sit still for a second, they're constantly darting around the tank and chasing each other. They go absolutely ballistic when there's food to be had - they devour a pinch of flakes in no time. They'll even all gather round my finger and nibble it if I put it in the water.

There's one fish that's bigger than the rest and I think it's a female because of the shape and colouring. She has decided that the top 1/3 of the tank is her domain, and chases out any of the other fish that come anywhere near. I've decided to call her Queen Z.

My first fish!

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Long-finned Zebra Danio
I couldn't wait any longer, I had to get fish this weekend :)

I dropped into our local aquarium today and was served by a *kid* ! He picked out 8 Long-Finned Zebra Danios for me. I also picked up a couple of plants and some flakes for the fish before wandering back up the hill home.

I let the bag sit in the top of the tank for a little while (while planting the plants and rearranging the others a bit), and then added a little tank water to the bag and removed some of the bag water. I did that a couple of times over a bit over half and hour before letting the fish swim out into the tank.

They went totally nuts, swimming around, exploring their new surroundings and chasing each other. They also refused to sit still long enough for me to take a decent photo of them. The pic up the top is the only decent one I got! I also gave them a tiny pinch of food, which they devoured within a minute. I'll give them more next time after they've settled in a bit.

Now the fun part begins - the joys of the ammonia/nitrogen cycles.

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