Day 25 - 24th May - Füssen to Augsburg via Neuschwanstein

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So had stress dreams about the castles overnight :( Mind running round and round in circles about how best to do it heh.

Breakfast was pretty decent, even had bacon - woot! :)

So we had a *very* early start, getting to the castles ticket office just after 8am. Got ourselves into the 9:10 Hohenschwangau tour and the 11:10 Neuschwanstein tour.

We walked ourselves up to Hohenschwangau the "slow" way, which probably took twenty minutes cause we kept stopping. (They say the steep way would take twenty minutes, but I reckon it'd take about five). The tour was pretty good (except for no photos :/ ). Saw lots of the castle and it was pretty interesting. So quite enjoyed that.


Beautifully stacked wood 


Neuschwanstein from Hohenschwangau 


Went back down the hill to wait for a bus up the other hill. It dropped us near the top and we walked up to Marienbrücke to see the view from there. Then it was down to the castle for our tour. We had a bit of time before it started so wandered around for a bit. Then about a minute before we were due to go in, we read on the sign that bulky backpacks needed to be checked. So of course I panicked. Because I'd looked at the sign before and saw icons for NO anything-else, but no mention of backpacks.  We went back to the checking place and paid two euro for a locker. (As it turns out, that's just a deposit which we got back). But someone else on our tour had a much bigger backpack than me and they didn't even say anything, so that was all a bit annoying. But at least I didn't have to lug it around.

Iconic Neuschwanstein picture from Marienbrücke 

The American couple we met took this picture of us at Neuschwanstein 

Looking down at Alpsee and Hohenschwangau from above Neuschwanstein 

Hohenschwangau from above Neuschwanstein 

Front entrance of Neuschwanstein 

Courtyard from under the gates 

Courtyard area 

Back of the gatehouse 

Courtyard showing the location of the chapel that was never completed

Anyways the tour of Neuschwanstein was a lot bigger (in terms of numbers) and so we didn't get nearly as much commentary because we had to wait a lot longer for everyone to get into the rooms. And didn't seem to see that much either. Apparently seventeen rooms were completed before Ludwig died. We were thinking on the way out it might have been nice to see some of the incomplete rooms, but I suppose we did - in the form of a couple of gift shops.. hrmmm. Anyway so didn't enjoy that tour as much but it was still nice to see some things.

Model of Neuschwanstein

So then started back down, and took a horse carriage ride back down the mountain. That was a very pleasant ride. (While waiting I saw someone with my camera. I thought that was pretty cool, until she pushed in in front of us to take the front seat in the carriage. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate pushins? :/ But we did talk to an American couple from Texas who were in Europe for their honeymoon too! They were on our tour as well and we kept seeing them before and after as well heh).

Exterior lower walls of Neuschwanstein 

This woman has my camera. She is also very rude and a push-in. 

We rode a cart pulled by these horses down from the castle (in the background)

Next stop was Tegelberg, where we thought we might get some more views of the castles. We had lunch up there, overlooking the Alps. Was gorgeous :)  Walked up the mountain after lunch, and then down the mountain, and even across the mountain, but no luck seeing the castles :/  Oh well, so then came down the cable car and finally left the area.. At 4:20pm heh. Drove north, through Landsburg, not actually stopping but going through the old town and taking photos anyway, and then onto Augsburg.

Can you tell is thrilled to be being dragged up another mountain?

Neuschwanstein from the Tegelbergbahn 

Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Tegelbergbahn

German and Austrian Alps from Tegelberg 

Beer on top of Tegelberg 

Hanggliders waiting for the right conditions to take off from Tegelburg

Looking down to the cable car station from near the summit of Tegelburg 

The Birds!! Hanggliders actually :) 

Hauptplatz in Landsberg am Lech 

Sandauer Tor, Landsberg am Lech 

Sign indicating we were on the "Romantische Straße", on Augsburg
Straße just north of Landsberg am Lech

Checked into our hotel, then out to find a waschsalon. The nice thing about this one was it was right next to a Vietnamese restaurant, so we had dinner there while our clothes washed and dried. Was the most pleasant washing experience of the whole trip :)

Wood carvings in the table at the Vietnamese restaurant

And finally back here to crash. Think got a little sunburnt up the mountain today.. Oops...

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