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Accidently broke my blog this arvo while trying to make another database work, but didn't realise til just now.. so sorry if you tried to comment.

House is looking incredibly bare at the moment.. most stuff that has been lying about has been packed up into the spare room.  The idea being that the less stuff there is out, the less things that can be broken ...

It's stoopidly hot.  And no breeze tonight, so the place is still stifling :/  Hope the fishies will be ok tomorrow...

A couple more books

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Late last year I finished another couple of books.

First, "Watership Down", by Richard Adams - a bookcrossing book I picked up a few years ago.  Not too bad, but a little slow going (picked up at the end).  It's a bit meandering, and just when you think it could stop they just keep on going.  And I realised they were going to need does before they'd even left, you wonder why they didn't (they were male *rabbits* for heavens sake!)...

Also, "On the Banks of Plum Creek" by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  So *this* is the book they based the tv series off.  They're in Minnesota, with the house seen the tv show (with the upstairs attic room for the girls), and where Nellie Oleson is.  Turns out (from the beginning of the next book) they only spent about five years here from when Laura was eight to thirteen.

One of these days I'll have do a road trip across the prairies of America.  Like Australia's wide open spaces, I imagine it's a little hard to comprehend how vast they are.  I did get a hint of it in 2000 when I flew from San Francisco to New York.  This was taken over Nebraska somewhere, and I was amazed at how endless the plains were...

Snow-covered prairie

Year in review done

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I've written up my 2009 Year in Review, if anyone's interested.


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Two days into the new year and I've already forgotten to post for a day!
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