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Farmer Boy

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Finished the third "Little House" book today - Farmer Boy.  This one tells the story of Almanzo Wilder, who Laura from the other books goes on to marry.  The family was from New York state, farmers, and evidently relatively rich.  It was quite a contrast from Laura's life on the prairie where the family barely had anything to his life where they had a big farm and lots of animals and all kinds of food to eat.  

Quite enjoyed the book.  Again, the stories give a great insight to American (kids) life in the 1860s.


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Not being on call any more rocks awesomely!!  Epic win!!  A night without alerts to wake me up!! Hurrah!!

Edit: only the heat, which I'm sure will keep me up half the night.. hrmm..

Hot.. still..

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It's supposed to get to 37C here tomorrow.  Apparently it could be the hottest November on record.  Might bring a few of the plantsies indoors tomorrow morning so they don't fry to a crisp.  That's the good thing about pots, although the garden is not so lucky.  What are the rules on hose watering gardens these days?  Still, I reckon plants in Canberra should be drought tolerant or not worth having.  Azaleas are just dumb, so as lovely as they are I'm not sure I'll water them.. until I feel too guilty about letting them die.. hrmmm...
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