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Last night I finished reading Heather of Dooce's book "It Sucked and then I Cried".  

It was pretty good, although not really as good as I was expecting.  It didn't have much of a story to it, it was more just a collection of small stories/anecdotes.  Which wasn't a bad thing as such.  But I suppose after reading The Daily Coyote just wasn't what I expected.  

I suppose one thing that I was expecting was more of an account of her depression.  But it kinda skipped over it somewhat and you don't really get a sense of the depths of her despair.  You know it's there, but just don't *feel* it.  

But it was kinda cool to read some of the background to the stuff I started reading on the blog only some years later (thanks to Chay who introduced me).


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Thought I'd plant one of our new (well not so new any more we bought the things like six weeks ago) rosemary plants in the front garden today.  The instructions said it liked a well drained soil.  So epic annoyance when I dug out a place for it, and it is just *clay* :(

So the whole front garden is going to need a lot of work if I want plant more herbs there ...

Good and Bad

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Saturday was so totally a teaser.  25C or something, just delightful.  Then back to cold and wet and miserable.

After ten years e-tax is *finally* resizable!!  Sheesh, how hard could it have been?  But as per usual, every year I get something that makes my tax complicated.  Like this year, the very trivial closing off an old mortgage and starting it up with another lender.  Blah.  


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Up So last weekend in Sydney, we went and saw Up in 3D in the city.

It was pretty good!

(probable spoilers below..)

Due to my own ignorance/stupidity/inattention, I missed a couple of key plot points .. like who was the kid at the beginning?  I didn't realise it was actually a girl!  (Ellie of course, but I didn't quite make the connection and was left wondering what happened to that kid, and where did his wife come from .. duuhhhhh!!)  .. and how the dogs could talk.. apparently some throwaway line about how Muntz had invented it (but how?? With what resources??)

Of course if it had been me, I'd have left the house *facing* the falls.  What's the point of being right next to them if you can't actually see them? :)

Since we saw it in 3D, we had the funky polarised glasses.  I didn't really notice while watching the movie (cause you get used to it, and the colours are so great anyway), but the colours do get diminished fairly significantly with the glasses.  During the credits I was doing comparisons with/without the glasses, and the difference was pretty huge.  Still, the 3D was pretty cool, and it'd be good to see other movies as they come out in 3D.

Squirrel!!   I totally love that line.. it reminds me of me soo much ;)


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Some more books I've finished in the past few weeks

Little House on the Prairie - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Actually had a storyline in this book.  Their journey from Wisconsin to Oklahoma and their settlement there.  Silly that the TV series of the same name was actually set in Wisconsin..  Quite enjoyed this book.  Although sad for them at the end, it all seemed like such a waste of effort.  It's kinda funny too being told from the point of view of a young child.  It seems like they stop completely at random to settle where they did.  But presumably there must have been some sort of deal that they had to set up a house there.

The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett
Never read any Terry Pratchett before, so DC lent me this.  I liked his sort of "silly" writing style.. but only as far as sentence structure.  The story was just too all over the place to be enjoyable.  In fact I had to go back a few times to earlier bits to figure out what was going on, and multiples times was left wondering how they got to a particular point from wherever they were last.  Bit lame.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - William Kotzwinkle
Lovely book.  Adds a whole new richness to what you know about the movie.  For the first chunk of the book it seems like the mother is the star/centre of the whole story ..!  Quite a few little differences, like dropping Lance and his story completely from the book in the movie.  One of the better movie tie-ins I've read.
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