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So last week I *finally* finished Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy.  What a marathon effort that was! Took weeks and weeks and weeks.  It's a ridiculously long book.  There's some decent character development, but so many characters it was difficult for me to remember who was who.  It took ages and ages for anything to *happen* and even in the end there was a couple of little battles and that was about it.  

So yeah, a little disappointing.  

It's only the second Tom Clancy book I've read - the other being The Hunt for Red October - which I actually liked the movie better - the book got to where the end of the movie was then just went on and on for another couple of hundred pages :/

If any more Tom Clancy books cross my path I may read them, but won't be going out of my way.

Anne with an E

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After finishing the books a few months ago, and since Anne of Green Gables was on last night, I thought I ought to watch it.  (edit: it was actually over a year ago I finished the books and nearly two years ago since I finished the first one - scary!)

And I was actually considering buying the movie on dvd.  I'm kinda glad I didn't.  I probably haven't seen the movie in fifteen years.  And it was almost painful to watch.  The dialogue was so *forced* !  The book, weak was it was, was actually quite a bit better than I remember the movie being.  

The funniest thing was, on the tv edition they aired last night, the completely cut out the Lady of Shalott scene on the river!!  In fact they seemed to have cut out a lot of stuff.. especially with her friends in school - they don't even get a mention..! I can't really remember, but the movie last night did seem to skip through the three years at school incredibly quickly.  And then there's the mystery friend in Queens who I don't think even gets a name in the movie.  All very silly really.

Anyways.  At least I got it out of my system!
Edit again: yes they chopped out *heaps* from the tv airing last night - scene after scene of their school stuff was all taken out.  Dumb!!  Channel 7/Prime FAIL!!

Time Lapse

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Another camera feature I've wanted in forever is a camera that does proper time-lapse.  One you can setup on a tripod and have it take photos every x seconds for however long.  How freaking cool would that be?  Very tempted to get a little camera just for that reason.  Anyone ever used one or have any recommendations?
So the little brother called me up today and said they'd be in town tonight.

So we arranged to meet in Dickson .. when they called .. which they said was going to be quite late.  So that was fine.  Except they didn't call til nearly 9pm, and then said we were going to Queanbeyan .. and needed to be there by 9:30 .. *sigh*

So epic stress making.. but made it just in time.

Serving sizes are just as huge as always, altho since the renovations not quite as good.

Central Cafe food
Central Cafe Chicken Kiev

Anyways, they're all here now, better run! :)
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