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Esio Trot

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Read Esio Trot by Roald Dahl in about half an hour last night.  Pretty lame story really ;)
So that finishes the fiction section of that collection of books, leaving the two autobiographies - Boy and Going Solo.  Both of these I've read at least twice, I really quite enjoy them.  But might read some other things first.  My pile of to-be-read books just seems to keep growing - especially since people keep lending me books! heh

Matilda and Laura

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Finished Matilda the other night.  I liked this one.  Although I really don't remember much of it, and come to think of it don't really remember much about the movie either - not enough to know where they were different.  Have the movie on VHS somewhere, will have to watch it soon :)

Finished Little House in the Big Woods last night.  I started this book *ages* ago, in our last house I think so probably nearly a year a go.  There's not much in the way of plot in this book, it's just a series of recollections about their life in "outback" Wisconsin in the 1800s.  As a history lesson it's fantastic!  Descriptions about all sorts of things they used to do to get by and making cheese and using every part of a pig etc.  I actually found it fascinating.  


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Ponyo Tonight Stu and I met up with Nat and Andrew for dinner (APK - had lasagna - nomm!) and then went and saw Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.

I'd not even heard about it until mentioned on Blogography the other day, and then last night The Pen also gave it a mention.  So organised to go tonight.

As per the several other Ghibli/Miyazaki movies I've seen, it's beautifully animated and unbelievably *sweet*.  Quite enjoyed it :)

Dodgy Dendy!!

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Hurrah!!  A Google search for Dodgy Dendy returns me as number 3!! :)
*edit* - that was last night.. tonight I'm number 1!!  heh
(didn't post last night cause got distracted)

More Roald Dahl

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Before reading The Daily Coyote (and last night after) I'd been reading Roald Dahl before bed.  

The BFG I'd had read to me when I was in primary school.  During our library classes from week to week we had the story read to us.  I actually didn't remember that much about it.  Rereading it as a grown up, it wasn't too bad a story.

The Witches, I could have sworn I'd read, but after reading it I'm thinking not.  Must see the movie!  Also a pretty decent story.

The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me, I'd never read before, was quite short and easy to read and obviously for younger readers.  

Up to Matilda now, which I'm pretty sure I've read and have definitely seen the movie a couple of times.  I remember the movie these days but will be good to read the book again.

The Daily Coyote

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I first started reading The Daily Coyote website in November 2007 (along with with a good chunk of the internet), after Heather posted a link to it on  Obviously I was immediately hooked.  

For my birthday, Stu bought me a copy of Shreve's book of the same title.  I abandoned reading the Roald Dahl book I was up to in preference to this.  I have to say I loved it.  It is just a beautiful story, and wonderful to get so much more detail about their life that is not covered on the website.

Highly recommended!

The Daily Coyote

So Windy organised a group of us to have lunch out at Fyshwick at Zierholz.  It was a lot of fun.

The restaurant is set out with several large tables (about eight tables holding eight to sixteen or so people).  It does mean that if there's only a couple of you, you'll have trouble getting a table.  Most of the tables were reserved today, and we saw some people leave again straight away.

We got there just after twelve, and ordered their Sample Paddle - a 60ml sample of seven different beers, with a half pint of whatever was your favourite.  This was a fantastic idea!  Getting to try all these different beers together was great.  They suggested starting with the light beers and moving up the the heavy darker beers.  Well I drank the first, light, beer, then decided to do a mouthful of each up the line.  When there were only two mouthfuls of each left, I went back down the line in reverse order, on account of not really liking heavy beers and preferring the lighter ones. :)

Zierholz Paddle
A while after receiving these, maybe twenty past twelve, we ordered our food. Entrées eventually arrived, however I didn't order one, as usually if I have an entrée I'll have trouble finishing the main.  So I had one of Chris' salt and pepper squid thingies, and one of Stu's mussels.  And then we waited.  Ages and ages.

It was nearly 2pm by the time our mains arrived.  Now we were having a nice time anyway, but that really was very slow service.  I got the pork belly, which was delicious and nice and crunchy skin, although the portion size was a heck of a lot smaller than I expected.  Stu got some sausages which were pretty good too.  

Zierholz Pork Belly
Zierholz Sausages
By the time we'd finished, Nanette and I decided we were still hungry, so ordered some wedges to actually fill us up.  We shouldn't have had to do this! Seriously!

Zierholz Wedges
So anyway.  Nice enough lunch and the beers were good, but very slow service, and portion sizes left a lot to be desired.

Zierholz Brewery


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Don't forget Canberra peeps.. e-waste recycling this weekend.. get rid of old computer and stereo equipment for free


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Further to my pondering about photo management, I was thinking I could maybe use Picasa locally to manage some of my more "miscellaneous" photos.  I already have directories for "big" things, like holidays, weddings, various work photos etc.  So I thought I'd expand on that a bit and do some broad categorisation of photos that are a bit more specific.  And then what's leftover could be labelled/tagged/albumified/whatever.

So to that end I started going through my monthly directories of photos pulling out various bits and pieces.

While watching the last episode of season one of Monty Python.  Only three to go :)  (and later watched the pilot of Fringe - surprisingly with no ads!)


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It hailed today.  Which is pretty unusual for winter - usually only get hail in summer.  There was even some of it left around when I got home.


Picasa 3: Fail

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So I thought last night I'd give Picasa another go.  I'd previously downloaded Picasa 2 and hated it, but hoped 3 might be better.

Not so much.

The primary reason for using it would be not only managing my ridiculous number of photos (approaching 100k), but geotagging and sharing holiday photos.  

Well the first road block is a total lack of ability to create subfolders.  There's a deal-breaker right there.  Doing holidays in a flat-file structure like that would be utterly ridiculous.  It's pretty clunky as a management interface for photos, I didn't find it all that user-friendly.  Altho the geotagging worked quite nicely with Google Earth.

The amount of online storage for a free account is also pretty small - only a gigabyte.  The Europe photos that I wanted to upload are 140mb.  So that's 14% gone on one trip.  

So I think I'll be sticking with conspiracy for now (2gb used there :) ).  
(For anyone that's interested, I did find a good comparison of Picasa web folders vs Flickr)


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Started watching Meteor tonight.  Thought it might have been something I'd seen, but actually it wasn't.  But it turned out to be exceedingly lame.  So abandoned that and watched this week's The Amazing Race.  And proceeded to get jealous of their trip through Germany and Austria, and had me wanting to go back!!
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