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I finished memorising (well mostly) the 46 hiragana characters last night.

So today at lunch I was trying to read the characters on the side of the Sizzle Bento place.  
And saw these characters:  
.. which looked a lot like "udon" to me.  And that would make sense, it being a Japanese restaurant and all.

Scariest thing is, I was right ... !

Next: katakana .. and then maybe actually learning some real words heh


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argh.. what is it about Tim Burton that attracts not only Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, but Danny Elfman as well?  

It's like Steven Spielberg and John Williams ... there's just not one without the other!

Think I might have to see this one :)

The Larch!!

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So the last two Roald Dahl books I've finished reading were Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and Danny, Champion of the World.

The Great Glass Elevator was actually pretty lame.  Really only two things happened - a silly story about saving a space hotel from aliens and another silly story about sending old people to the minuses and back again.  Danny, well I guess not a whole lot more happened, but it flowed so much more betterer as a story and I enjoyed it a whole lot more.

At the end of Danny there was a reference to some larch trees.  Which wouldn't have meant anything to me, had it not been for an episode of Monty Python the other night that kept referring to The Larch trees. 

Ok, so small things ;)
Half Blood Prince So, it being opening night and all, and the fact that I'll be on call for the next week, and the fact that Windy will be covering Sunday for me so I couldn't ask him again and and and

Anyways, we went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight.  

It was pretty good.  There was a lot of humour, which I suppose offset the darkness.  Voldemort really didn't feature at all except to be talked about.  They finally had to give Draco's mother a face (but sadly no Lucius - him being in Azkaban and all). Ginny got much more screen time this movie which was great, considering she was shafted in the last movie.  The movie flowed pretty well and I think did ok at condensing rather a long book into the movie.

But of course I kept thinking, especially towards the end, "that's not how it happened" .. "that's not how it happened" ..!  Especially the climax.  Where was the battle?  There was supposed to be a battle!  And in the end you never find out *why* he's (not mentioning any names) the Half Blood Prince.  

So all in all not bad, but don't think as good as the last one.
Decided today after buying Veronica Mars Season 2 (for a good price - $33 at JB HiFi) that I really need to watch some of the tv series I have on dvd.  I decided I may as well watch Monty Python, which DC loaned me some time ago.  

Forty-five-odd episodes .. could keep me going for a couple of months :)


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Have been charting our mortgage balance over the past eight months.  It looks relatively healthy when it spans only $100k .. but over the whole thing it doesn't look like it's moving at all :(
So we had another bunch of single malt whiskies to try at work tonight..

Whiskey 2009
The Suntory (Yamazaki) was very clean and easy to drink - "Soft" as Dave and I called it
The Hellyers was Australian and pretty raw and pretty average really - and the last one left at the end of the night
The Balblair was a nice and interesting Scottish whiskey
The Ardbeg was my favourite - a nice smokey Scottish whiskey - I *love* a good smokey whiskey
The Connemara (the Irish one) was a bit hard done by because it was my fifth drink and I'd already had a few to drink, so can't really comment on it ;)

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