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The Search for Spock

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Finished reading The Search for Spock this week, so watched the movie tonight.  Again, quite a lot of stuff in the book that was left out of the movie.  Liked how the gave Grace Lee Whitney a nod, if not a speaking role.


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I finished reading The Wrath of Khan this week, so tonight we watched the movie.  There's a *heap* of stuff in the book that's not in the movie, including a lot more detail about the scientists on space lab, more stuff with Peter Preston and Saavik, David and Saavik's affair (!), and even the mention that the lenses in Kirk's glasses were designed for his eyes (ie, weren't orginal).  This made much more sense when you see ST IV and realise the lenses weren't in tact to begin with.

This was on Boing Boing a few weeks ago, seems appropriate to mention it now.. :)
How many AAAAAs in Khaaaaaaaan?

Prince Palace

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Took the parents to Prince Palace tonight.  It was as generic as it was last time, but I guess not too bad.  The shantung chicken was pretty nice.

Had a crap afternoon.  Got told off for being silly and now I'm paranoid things are going to go badly for someone.  *sigh*

More sadness

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Bushfires from space

I didn't blog anything particular for this year's blogiversary, which also happened to be the fifteenth anniversary of the January 1994 bushfires that ripped through Como/Jannali.  Those fires were closer to home (literally - about 300m away) and destroyed our church and several of our friend's houses, therefore having a massive impact on me to this day whenever I see bushfire images. 

But only one person died there that day.

The weekend bushfires in Victoria were epic sad.  135 lives lost so far.  And that's sure to rise.

Kinda puts my crap day at work into perspective...

Victoria fires

It seems YouTube has *finally* put the video length time on embedded videos.  So now you can see how long the video is before starting to download it - good if you want to decide if you have the time to watch it then and there or come back later.  Have been wishing for this feature *forever*!! Yayyy!!
Worked on an itinerary and looked at things like flights and rail passes.  Things are starting to come together!  This should be a fun trip.  And will definitely be more prepared for this trip.  None of this booking hotels in the next city while staying in the previous one heh.  Aiming to have all accommodation booked in advance to make sure we have rooms for all of us.

Looks like we will be starting in Fukuoka (after a couple of days in Tokyo and a day trip to the other end of the country on the bullet train) and making our way north with the cherry blossoms, finishing in Tokyo two weeks later.


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Finally updated my spreadsheets for the last couple of months of my Sydney loan tonight. 

In the seven and a half years I had the mortgage I paid $78k in interest, and interest rates went up 17 times from 2002 to 2008.  They started to go down again right at the end - just in time for our new mortgage heh.  My old mortgage had a higher than average interest rate, but there were no fees, no charges on using any atm, no charges on withdrawing cash from the credit card account, and elegant simplicity with the way the interest and credit card worked.  Their internet banking (or lack thereof) sucked donkey balls though, and the only improvement in the eight years was to allow Bpay.  The interface never changed and I was never able to transfer money to other accounts.  I was with Homeloans Ltd with finance from ING if anyone cares :)

The charts looked pretty cool, with dips and peaks where things like small loans to/from relatives, holidays, termination payouts etc took their toll.

Mortgage chart

And the interest rate graph for the same time period looked pretty scary..

Interest rate graph

So now we start all over again .. :)


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I was in a bit of a state of delerium when I woke up this morning.  So my thoughts were on how to pronounce Fukuoka.  I'd orginally thought it might be fuku-oka, but Jake reckons it could be more like fu-ku-ka.  Anyway, for some reason I couldn't get this out of my head between 6 and 7 this morning... silly really....  I'm sure wikipedia would have the answers....
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