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2008 Year in Review

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2008 was certainly a momentous year in the life of Kazza.

The first big news story of the year was that I got married to Stu in April.  I spent several months planning the thing, and planned pretty much everything myself.  In the end, the day went pretty successfully and everyone seemed to have a nice time.  I got the wedding I wanted for the most part, although I did get very stressed out by the reception venue, and they ruined the enjoyment of the reception for me.

Following the wedding we took off on our honeymoon, spending a night in Japan, then a month touring Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.  Took six and a half thousand photos between us and generally had a blast.  Lots of places we'd like to go back to!

The other really big news story of the year is that we bought a house here in Canberra.  And seemingly at just the right time - right in the midst of the world financial crisis which was very scary, but the subsequent drop in interest rates will save us something like $12000 per year!!!  We still have a couple of messy rooms, but are very much enjoying the house and we've had several groups of people stay with us.

Work has been a bit variable.  The first couple of months of the year I was still feeling very overwhelmed by the place, yet didn't have too much to do so was very lost.  After the honeymoon I was put on call, which meant learning a lot of things by being thrown in the deep end.  I was also dumped on severely with work, and found it very stressful from time to time.  Can't see any sign of letup any time soon :(  After a particularly crap day one night in July, I starting drinking with the guys earlier than usual and finished relatively late, which really launched the weekly drinking sessions (which up until that time had been a lot shorter and quieter). 

Other travelling included the trip over new years last year to visit Chay and David, a weekend at the coast with Scott and Kerry, a weekend in Sydney in March and another in July to attend my Nana's 80th birthday party, visit James and George, and see Stu's grandmother and aunties.  Two days and ten hours of driving was pretty tiring.  Chay and David came down just after Christmas to stay, which meant we spent two new years in a row with them which would have been cooler had I not collapsed in a grumpy/depressed heap. 

In fish news, we cut the number of tanks from fourteen down to seven.  Fourteen was far too much work and fish were getting severly neglected.  Seven is a bit more manageable but we may still cull further.  Moving all the tanks to our new house was definitely not fun, but we got most fish moved with only a few casualties.  One of my original angel fishies is still alive, making her six years old now.  She has appreciated the big water change of the move and laid several batches of eggs after the move.

Eating out, we tried a few various restaurants.  We discovered Satis in Watson in the middle of winter.  Satis is vegetarian and we have been there three or four times, although not since we moved.  Then there is the Kingsland vegan restaurant in Dickson which is fantastic.  Have only been there twice, but will definitely be going again.  And Fortune Box in Gungahlin is still a favourite shopping day lunch spot.  Bella Vista in Belconnen and the Dumpling Inn in Jamison are favourites as well.  Fanciest restaurant we visited all year was Watersedge on Lake Burley Griffin.  This was two weeks before the wedding after I'd had my hair and makeup trial, so we got dressed up and went out for dinner.  Was very nice, but of course very expensive!

We tried to see Stu's brother every week for a "sci-fi" night.  We watched all of Firefly, Serenity and some Battlestar Galactica.  But towards the end of the year this all got too hard.  Hopefully we'll do something next year.

Movies seen this year:
  • Juno - pretty good, if a little unrealistic
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - fun but too ridiculous and too much on the "yeah right" scale
  • Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina - very well done, but hard to keep up with the subtitles and watch all the action
  • The Dark Knight - good movie, but dark and very long
  • Quantum of Solace - ok, was too tied to the last movie
  • Australia - very enjoyable, but very long (really it's two stories back to back), so don't know how would stand up to repeated viewings
And finally, a few other snippets:

  • This blog had its 5th blogiversary and was celebrated with a new design
  • Visited the Planetarium before it closed and met Andrew
  • Little Squishy was born
  • Went to the balloon fiesta
  • Bought an Eee PC
  • Set off fireworks on cracker night
  • Went to a six-day SANS course
  • Got excited by snow falling in Canberra!
  • Went to an astronomy night at Mt Stromlo
  • Went to two trivia nights - one with Nat and Andrew, and one at work
  • Had the house wired with cat 6 by my brother and Shane and Chris
  • Took the booze train to Tarago
  • Played Zone 3 for the first time and actually won a game
  • Big family Christmas with all of Stu's family and Kerry's family
So that's about it for another year.  Hoping to be a little more organised next year and more relaxed about life...

Quantum of Solace

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Quantum of Solace
Stu and I went and saw Quantum of Solace tonight.

It had some good chases and action in it, but the story was a bit meh. 

I think I actually enjoyed the making-of documentary that was on a few weeks ago better!  heh.  The documentary focussed mostly on the location shooting, with all sorts of trivia on how they got shots and other info about the locations.  Much more interesting I thought :)


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For some reason it really didn't feel like Christmas until we started watching Carols in the Domain tonight.

Really quite enjoyed it :)

They had a bit of a finale with the Salvation Army choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus during the fireworks.. except they didn't show the fireworks!! Doh!!  But I'm really not complaining because they often don't do the Hallelujah Chorus at Carols in the Domain, I usually have to wait for the Melbourne Carols by Candlelight.

The bestest ever Carols in the Domain I saw was at Luc and Cynthia's wedding nine years ago when we were up Sydney Tower and got to see all the candles in the domain and the fireworks from up Sydney Tower.  Very cool night :) 

Less Monday please

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It was most depressing waking up this morning.  My weekend was definitely too short. 

The downstairs room is somewhat more organised, although had to sacrifice my model bookshelf to do it.  Guess the models won't be coming out of storage for a while longer.  And a trip to Ikea will be necessary pretty soon. 

Having trouble copying files from our vista machines to the old w2k box.  Not sure if is problem with the old machine itself (although Skype seems to work quite happily) or some weird interaction between vista and w2k.  Wouldn't surprise me if it was vista...

Wet stuff

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There's wet stuff falling from the sky.  It's been falling and falling all day.  It's made the level of the puddle go up an inch or two.  I chucked ~150L in there from extra buckets collected around the place too.

The gutters are in a worse situation than we thought when looking at them recently.  Will spend some of the next dry weekend clearing them out...

Other than that, second Christmas party of the week at work today, although no drinking at this one (it was byo, but all too hard)


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ok so I realised tonight that I totally talk like Lorelai when I'm drunk cause I will just go on about a topic and rant and rave and well you know never actually stop and take a breath and I was doing that this arvo with Dave and telling him off and well he was like telling me I was totally talkative when I was drunk and I'm like you don't understand but I swear I heard Lorelai talk tonight and I was like I'm totally like her well maybe Rory too I think it must be the script writers must have written this while they were drunk....

Girls Night

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Had a girls movie night at Kerry's last night.  Was quite fun, and Kerry had lots of yummy snacks.

We watched "Made of Honor" first.  I must have been in the right mood for it, cause it was pretty lame and schmaltzy, but I still had fun watching it.

Then we watched "Flawless" which I actually really enjoyed.  Except for the part about being tense most of the way through the movie wondering if they'd get caught .. !
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