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Was going to watch Toy Story tonight (cause it was on telly last night but we were busy with other things), only to remember I don't actually have it on dvd :(  (only vhs).  So that was a bit sad making.  So I went to the dvd collection and flicked through trying to think of something to watch, and came across *batteries not included, which obviously *had* to be watched.  Made Stu watch it too.  He *said* he enjoyed it, I hope he did.. :)  Cause I certainly did.  Such a cute/sad/happy movie :)


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Have I ever mentioned I have the bestest sweetie ever?

Look how sparkling he made the oven today...

Sparkling oven

Watched Neil's copy of The Final Countdown last night.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Only very slight differences to the book.  It was beautifully filmed, tonnes of great aircraft carrier/military/aeroplane footage.  Maybe I should get it for my dad for Christmas.. he'd probably enjoy it again too... heh


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What happened ?!?  Got lulled into a false sense of spring and then suddenly *bam* .. apparent temperature less than zero this morning!!

Will curl up in bed back in winter pjs and nice warm doona....
batteries not included by Wayland Drew
I first saw *batteries not included when it came out at the movies here in 1987.  From memory (which could be wrong or mixed up with Flight of the Navigator), my nana took us to see it at Beverly Hills although didn't actually come in with us to watch it.

Anyway.  I completely loved the movie and have done ever since, even owning it on dvd.

So I grabbed the book at the book fair the other week, and finished it this morning.

The book was just as lovely as the movie, and follows it pretty closely.  Definitely a keeper this one :)

The Final Countdown

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The Final Countdown by Martin Caidin
Last Saturday morning I finished reading The Final Countdown by Martin Caidin.

It was quite an easy, enjoyable read, I'm glad I picked it up at the book fair.

Apparently it follows the movie fairly closely.

Just need to remind Neil to lend me his dvd (was hoping to watch it this weekend, oh well).

The Bourne Supremacy

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The Bourne Supremacy was on telly tonight.  So we watched it live, even though I had it on tape from the last time it was on telly and we could have watched it without ads.. oh well :)

But I'm glad we hadn't watched it before our honeymoon, cause it meant I could get all excited over the been-theres in Berlin :)

I know, I know.. small things.. ;)


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So the Reserve Bank slashed interest rates by a full 1% today.

The Australian dollar has dropped significantly against the US dollar.

Banks are merging.

At the moment I'm just a little freaked out about the financial world.  As one might be wont to do after buying a house in the current financial climate. 

Now I know that unless one of us gets made redundant and house prices fall significantly that we shouldn't be affected too badly by all of this.. and indeed the interest rate cut will make a big difference to our repayments in the beginning.. but I just can't help feeling a little scared.  And it doesn't help watching videos like this one...

Minority Report

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Minority Report So I finished reading "Minority Report" by Philip K Dick today.  Actually I finished that a week or two ago, but finished the last story ("We Can Remember it for you Wholesale") in the collection of short stories today.

I've never read any Philip K Dick before, so thought I'd give it a go.. starting with what I'd seen in the movies.  Of course the two aforementioned stories bear little relation to the movies, other than their beginnings and the general premise.  But still interesting reading nonetheless.

Some of the stories reminded me a little of Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected - a little dark with not-your-average endings. 

Some were a bit creepy.

Some were just "huh??"

I may read more of his stuff later.. we shall see...

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