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Saw this on Dooce tonight ... and spent the next twenty minutes or so reading it.. soo sad.. wish could skip forward a few years to find out what happens to her...

(yes I am that far behind with my news feeds)

I was there!

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ok this news is a little old now, but still amusing because *I was there!!* ... er... well I was watching the show that night when it got pulled.  They claimed "technical difficulties" at the time, and put on an episode of Frasier or Seinfeld or something like that.  I thought it was highly amusing at the time, and wondered what all the fuss was about.  It was basically just a show of animal sex you might see at the zoo....

Edit: It was Cheers


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Rocheworld I finished Rocheworld today. For once Stu picked a book for me that I actually enjoyed ;)

It's written by a physicist (Robert L. Forward), so the science in it is a lot more believable than a lot of other science fiction.

It could have done with a bit more character development, and the plot was quite simple, bit a good read nonetheless.

At the end is a whole lot of technical specifications of the various ships, and character bios. I was kinda wishing I'd read them more as I was going, especially the character stuff.  Would it made it a bit easier to remember who was who, and picture the ships a bit better.

I might start on Little House on the Prairie next....


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Feeling old this morning.  Maybe I'm just tired...
For lunch yesterday we thought we'd try out the Billy Baxter replacement cafe - Central Cafe.  When I first saw the name I wondered if it'd be anything like the one at Queanbeyan, which is cheap and has massive sized meals.  Well this place is nowhere near as cheap and we didn't attempt any of the king size meals.

Stu got a veggie burger..

Veggie burger

and I got a caesar salad...

Caesar salad

The caesar salad wasn't bad, my only complaint was that the croutons were a little soggy.  I like them to be really crisp.  But there was a decent amount of bacon and cheese, so all good there.  Stu's only complaint was lack of anchovies (they were listed on the menu but not delivered.. not that I'm complaining cause I hate the things ;) )

Stu thought the coffee was ok, but not fantastic.

It was very crowded, obviously lots of people wanting to try it out.  But for the price, we won't be going there too often.


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Finally got around to installing SP1 today.  (I didn't want to try before the wedding cause I couldn't afford not to have a working computer).

Fortunately, it all went well, and successfully installed.
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